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PostSubject: Ailira Fiore   Ailira Fiore EmptySun Nov 28, 2010 6:34 pm


Name: Ailira Fiore
Nickname(s):Goddess of War, Bloom, Midnight
Age: 17
Visual Age:17

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual
Weight:139 lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice:Melodious as if every word out of her mouth was in song, a song so alluring she could be a Siren's descendant forgotten and disgraced.
Hobbies:She will always be found listening to music, as she is almost addicted to sound. When people interrupt her music, she tends to become a very aggressive being, yelling and shunning more than she should. When scratched behind her ears, she seems to become elated and if a person finds a 'sweet spot' behind her ears she becomes like putty.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Dj'ing at parties, singing, eating cinnamon-related paraphernalia. The Sky, Cinnabuns, Music, Singing, THC.

Dislikes-Silence, the color Magenta, Country Music, Salt, Frozen Pizza

Personality:Sonia's personality is very determined, concentrated, independent, and cunning. She has a straightforward persona with a lone wolf attitude. She is also easily annoyed, as whenever anyone speaks down to her due to her size or age, usually resulting in a burst of physical violence. Despite this, Sonia is not heartless, as she cares deeply for her sister's safety, but often fails to see how much her sister cares about her the same way. After their parents died, Sonia looked out for her sister as though she was her daughter, although she tends to be overprotective of her. She also shows her motherly side to her friends as she comforts them about their own problems, usually taking them in if they have nowhere else to turn. She slowly opens up to them and becomes willing to confide them with things about herself that she normally would not tell others; Interestingly, Sonia seems slightly shy towards physical proximity outside of a combat situation, as she is one to shy away from hugs or even physical embraces that people have bestowed on her, only shown touching someone when she hugs her sister. People have commented on Sonia having a "wild fearlessness to her." This is supported by Sonia never wanting to back down from a fight no matter who or what the opponent. She appears to have a strong belief in Lady Luck, as she makes many references to it. She does however have a Vulnerable side, as she can store grief and pain in her for only so long, until she has to find a release, lest she lash out on those that are actually on her team.

Defining Characteristics: An exceptionally large bosom and ass for a woman her age.

Specialties:World Class Singer, probably has one of the greatest singing voices in history.

History/BackgroundFrom the first day that light reached Sonia’s eyes, it was known that she was destined for something extraordinary. From a very early age she was doing things that other babies weren’t. She began walking at around 11 months, speaking at Age 2 she was speaking and age 3 she was on the go. Always moving from place to place, whether it was her room to the yard or from the bathroom to the roof, she found a way to move and a way to exist. When she had turned 7, things became much more defined to her. The world was just one giant playground and she played in it every day, running from here to there, from this house to the next. It was with these skills later to be referred to as free-running that she obtained her first job and opened the gateway to her destiny. She worked as a Courier for a company reporting directly to the government, which was a very coveted position, making money and gaining status in the world. Unfortunately, none of that could stop the wheels from turning. On April 20th 2009, she returned home from work, carrying her latest pay and a smile on her face, when she heard a voice shout from the distance. Turning around she saw a man in a long black fastened with adornments and armaments limping towards her with a deep gash in his right hip, rising up to his chest. She stepped towards him dropping her money and helping him inside. Calling for help from her Sister. She laid the man down on the dining room table and checked his pulse.

The man had long black hair with bright blue eyes, but his features were covered with blood splashed on his face and a large wound in his body as if he had been struck by a large axe. She ran upstairs to see what was keeping her parents, but they were no where to be found. Grabbing the first aid kit off of the wall she ran back downstairs and tried to tend to the man’s wounds. As she tried to heal his wounds, he jumped from his sleep and grabbed the sword that rested next to him. He looked to the right to see a scared Sonia standing before him, she wanted to ask him what was going on but she was drowned out by the sudden increasing sound of Screaming in the distance. The Man moved to get off the table to approach the yelling when he was forced back down with a mixture of his own pain and Sonia’s firm hand. She told him that in his condition he could go out there. The man spoke quietly to her, as he handed her his sword. She picked it up hesitantly, but realized she had to put her fear aside, to save her house. Sonia stood up and followed her senses still a bit too scared to ask about the situation. Looking out the door she saw a large creature with a mask as white as snow, lumbering towards the house, screaming at the top of it’s lungs. Twirling the rapier in her hand she moved on the beast with such speed and intensity that she had time to blink as her body lifted into the air, and put 3 deep slashes into the creatures mask, shattering and destroying the head. Falling back down she landed on her ass as the creature, dissolved into a black dust. The man made his way outside to see Sonia standing there, with the sword in her hand.

The man sat her down on her porch and explained to her everything that had happened, involving him, the creature and her ability to slay it. As he spoke his sword began glowing brighter and brighter in Sonia’s hands. At the end of the tale, he stood up and tapped Sonia on the arm. She looked up to see him fading into the wind, like the hollow had, although he had a smile on his face. He told her to take care of his sword, and with that he vanished into the wind. The sword exploded into dust in her hands, but the dust swirled around before reforming into two birds. The birds looked at her, as she looked back. After a few moments of the birds explanation, she stood up absorbing the birds into her body, as both of her eyes began to glow. A shiver ran through her as she felt a power that was almost intoxicating. As she stood there, her sister arrived out of the darkness, inquiring about Sonia’s day. With a smile, she led her sister inside, and told her the grand story.

Role-play Sample: Don't need one since I'm a regular superhuman.

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All checks out. Approved.

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