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Name: Shinji Fruscianate
Nickname(s): Mr. Shinji
Age: 1,546
Visual Age: 23

Gender: Male
Division: 12th
Rank: Captain
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 6'1
Weight: Average

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: His voice sounds maniacal yet soft, with a hint of trickery in everything he says, the 12th Taicho's voice turns grim when angry. Like darkness pours out of his words, but otherwise, his voice is quite normal for a man of his persona.
Appearance: Shinji appears to be rather young and has silver hair as he wears a white newsboy's cap upon his head which shrouds his short silver hair. He also appears to wear a white sleeveless haori and a the regular clothing under it. The changes in his body structure is the fact that he has zigzag stitches all of his torso from his experiments and battle scars. He has black eyes and seemingly white skin. His nails seem to have been bitten by his teeth from excitement.

Shinji also has a surprisingly strong built as some might not notice. His blade his sheathed on the left side of his waist. His unusual strong built is barely noticeable from the outside. His fingers are a bit skinny and can bend and seem to be just skin and bones. However, that is the only thing that might trick an opponent as to his muscular strength.
Introvert/Extrovert: Ambivert
Hobbies: Experimenting on live specimens. Dead specimens are just far too boring. No challenge, and their abilities cannot be tested to the fullest. He also seems to watch people in terror. Because of his personality, he likes causing chaos like causing an explosion in one of the Division barracks. It's so fun in his opinion.
Likes and Dislikes:


Researching Power
Sadistic Bastards
Useless scum
Kutsu Hoyo - Cause he just does

Personality: Shinji is a rather sadistic person. Morales? That is the only thing that is not in his vocabulary. He is a genius and so far the smartest in Soul Society's history. He chooses not to associate himself with problems of the Gotei 13 unless he can benefit from it IE experiment on an interesting specimen. Experimenting for him is quite fun and he does not care what he has to go through. He will get them alive no matter what and he normally sets them free to see them adjust back to their regular lives. It is quite interesting to the eyes of Shinji.

He does not care for his Division members. Though his Lieutenant holds a special position to him. He chooses people with interesting abilities for his lieutenant, but once he has figured it out entirely, he'll simply throw it away. His interest in things last only until he figures out everything about it. He dislikes having to ask favors from other captains because they will definitely mock him for it therefore, he finds out everything on his own.

The man has no qualms about killing fellow shinigami. In fact, he does not particularly like Shinigami. He thinks of them as the same as hollows. Scum which should be exterminated. They were different in appearance and abilities, but all in all, they were the same. The man dislikes having to listen to the Sotaicho or anyone however. Being taught isn't what he wants.

Mr. Shinji seems to take quite an interest in Zanpakuto. So much so that he experiments on other people's zanpakutou as they sleep and he finds out every single thing about them. For now, he knows all about the zanpakuto of the captains. None of them are creative nor original enough for him to take an interest in or research.

Defining Characteristics: His wickedness
Specialties: Crushing people's hopes.
History/Background: Shinji's past in the living world is completely unknown to him. As a child in Rukongai, he had no one. He lived on his own, and had his curiosity to power him up. Soon enough, he began experiencing on fellow street children. Then a day came when he past out from hunger. He had reiatsu it seems. After finding food, he tried to study the shinigami. He found that the only way to study them perfectly was if he became one of them. As a child with silver hair, he was shunned in the beginning of the year. Then he was moved to the advanced class since he revealed his genius intellect in both Kido and his skill in Zanjutsu. The people were amazed at him and kept wanting him to be promoted. He had no interest for it however.

The young man had heard about the 12th Division. The Captain of the Division was supposedly the smartest for he would also be the chief of this strange research department. They researched the mysteries of the world and figured out a way to benefit the Soul Society and the Gotei 13. He didn't like being subjugated to a Sotaicho nor having to go to Captain's meetings which he heard of. Though he was still intrigued by this. He was motivated and actually put some effort into this academy and passed it in a week no more.

Before he could request to be assigned to the 12th Division, he was already assigned there because of his genius. It was different. There were some freaks there and most of them were weak. All brains and no brawn? Shinji could be classified as a genius in all ways. Kido, Zanjutsu, Hakuda, and the art of shunpo. He quickly made it to the rank of Lieutenant. There, he could do more stuff. The captain was weak and rather idiotic. How did he obtain the title of smartest in Soul Society?

Mr. Shinji had no tolerance for him and he was greatly annoyed. Then they were sent on a mission. A mission to do a recon on what used to be a town plentiful of humans and souls which now is called a Ghost Town if one were to put it into the terms of the humans. Him and his Captain were sent there. The man said that a shinigami purified all the souls and the people left for vacation. How was that possible? Half the town was a mess and there wasn't any shinigami assigned here. They were attacked by a multitude of hollows all of a sudden. Adjuchas and Gillian. Appearing out of a Garganta from all directions. The captain was one of the weakest among the captains and was killed before he could even utter the words for his release phrase.

What was Shinji's reaction to this? A smirk. With that idiotic captain out of the way, he would be the next captain. He had accomplished Bankai ages ago after he had discovered his Shikai. He eliminated all the hollows with his Bankai and requested for captainship and to become the new chief of the research department once he had returned to the Soul Society. He passed the Captaincy test and was known from that day forward as the 12th Taicho and Chief of the Research Department.

RP Sample:
RPing a canon character on another site.

It was a surprisingly nice morning... For winter that is. Shinji, one of the Legendary Vizards, stood in the middle of air. How? Well, it was something souls were able to do in the Realm of the Living. He had grown accustomed to being able to do this unlike in the Soul Society where people cannot 'fly' as one would call it. Wearing a long white trench coat, black polo under it, and a white silk tie wearing white pants. Standing on level-ground with a twenty-story building as he watched the crowds move. Sighing, it seems the Shinigami were sloppy these days... His beloved blade held in its scabbard held with his left hand as he spotted a hollow. The hollow howled making a noise like nails grazing on a chalkboard. Rolling his eyes, he disappeared. Shunpo? Yes. The hollow was in the middle of a children's park as Shinji appeared behind the beast with his hand grasping the hilt of his blade.

Was he just about to draw his blade or was he already returning it into its sheath? The former Captain said " My, oh my, y'know, you shouldn't be around here. Cause with no one to protect the souls of these children, I really can't resist myself." the wild beast slowly disappearing from bottom to up. He had successfully disposed of the hollow. Continuing his walk, the live children couldn't see him, however the souls of some children could see him. Sighing as he scratched the back of his head with his right hand, Shinji said " Kids. Go to Karakura Town High school and find someone named Kurosaki Ichigo there. He'll know what to do. Run along." though they were a bit afraid, they did as they were asked.

Walking over to a park bench, he slumped unto the wood of the bench, he watched the clouds move. Snow would fall soon... Interesting. Leaving his blade to lean on the wood of the bench, he relaxed on the bench. It was one of those days that he was glad to be here in the realm of the living. He didn't really have any obligation. He didn't need to go to meetings or anything. He could just do anything. Though was he really free? Reviewing the past with what happened with Aizen... The day he gained incredible power... Was it worth it? The 'organization' which he dedicated his soul into literally wanted to kill them. Not even giving them a chance to live peacefully.

That was the day he saw the true face of the Shinigami. Of course, Hiyori felt quite strongly about the Shinigami. Though nothing seems to match up for her hatred for Uruhara Kisuke. He did save their lives and gave them a chance, but she still gives him a hard time whenever they meet however rare that is.
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