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Zaraki Hitoshi

Zaraki Hitoshi

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Name: Zaraki, Hitoshi
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 235
Visual Age: 23

Division: sixth
Rank: Vice Captain/Lieutenant
Sexual Orientation: Straight as a circle......I mean arrow!

Body Frame: Lean, Athletic
Blood Type: AB
Sound of Voice: Soft, Melodic

Appearance: Zaraki's appearance is a lot like his personality one of a kind most people have a trait about them that stands out all of Zaraki stands out. It all starts at his long teal colored hair which in itself would be nothing strange if he didn't have it cut and styled in such a way that made people do a double take when they see him. His hair starts of in a slight wave causing slight 'wings' to form on the sides of his head, moving downwards his hair starts to fall in an unorthodox manner until you reach the back of his head where he had let the 'tail' of his hair split and fall over his shoulders. On the right side of his hair Zaraki had bound his bangs together with a red string so it hangs in front of his eye most of the time making people wonder if he can actually see at all. His hair is not the only odd thing that stands out about Zaraki though going down to his face his eyebrows are a little thinner then most and the same teal color as his hair. His eyes are of course another thing that cause people to do a double take when they see them for they are a light ruby like color that seem to clash and blend with his hair almost perfectly and are slightly the same color around his eyes at the same time. Under his left eye Zaraki has embedded into his skin two small topaz diamonds, a slightly larger ruby diamond, and a sapphire in the shape of a tear no one knows why he has done this. Farther down his face it meets in the middle to form a small button like nose, his mouth is no different from anyone Else's although people have often said he has a nice smile. Around his neck is a small black collar like necklace that hangs just above his collarbones. Zaraki is an average sized person standing at six feet exactly, his body is slim to those who see him covered by clothes. He weighs in at one hundred and sixty five pounds Under the clothes Zaraki holds not a trace of fat on his body but this does not mean he is overly muscled more like his body is suited perfectly to be fat free. His hands are nothing odd or strange although his nails are painted a light teal almost matching his hair completely.Around his shoulders Zaraki wears a cloak pitch black on the outside with a hood on the back and the inside is a mild orange color it is bound at his collarbones and holds a gold pendant with a five pointed star carved into it. Under the cloak he wears a plain white shirt instead of the uniform that most shinigami wear.

Introvert/Extrovert: Both depends on his mood.
Hobbies: Singing but not in front of others.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes- Sweet things, Women, Debating with others, Nature.

Dislikes-Arrogance, Killing, Loud noises, Fighting, Risking his life.

Personality: OVERALL: Zaraki is a rather odd person at times he can seem to be the nicest of people, but then in an instant he can turn into someone else. He does not suffer from multiple personality syndrome though if you are thinking that. His usual attitude is carefree and aloof to a point where some might think him an idiot. But Zaraki is not an idiot he chooses to act like this as it makes sure the pressure of trying be something he isn't, doesn't crush him. To most Zaraki is a rather nice person who will stop to help someone out if it doesn't put him in some kind of danger, if it involves danger and he doesn't have to fight it is simple Zaraki will not fight. It is quite simple Zaraki is a nice person at heart but only to a certain extent, so to say if someone whom he did not know was being killed in front of him he wouldn't care one bit as it is not his problem. But this doesn't mean he is a psychopath who goes killing people in fact quite detests killing people so will often give someone the chance to run away before entering 'killing mode'.

With Women: Zaraki is often flirty and confident he often flirts with any woman without realizing he is actually doing it. He does not get emotionally attached to them as he does not feel love towards anyone he usually just plays around with them and leaves them, if they are willing he keeps them as friends with benefits but either way doesn't matter to him he just likes to 'play'. He treats women like they are mere things to play with but he is not overly cruel with them he explains things to them and lets them choose if want to 'play' with him.

Killing Mode: Zaraki's personality changes only slightly meaning he will kill without hesitation but overall he acts exactly the same in his odd way. He will continue to talk too much to the person often commenting on their style and why they might fight like that or act in the way they do trying to mess with their mind. Also at this point there is nothing that will persuade Zaraki from killing his opponent as he has shut out all feelings of compassion and mercy towards the person he is fighting.

Alone: Often Zaraki likes to sit in a forest and sing to himself which he will not do in front of people as he doubts his own voice. He thinks being around other people too much disrupts a person's flow or energy and feels that every person needs to be alone for some time so they can release pent up emotions by doing some form of talking even if it is talking to themselves. When alone he will also often talk to himself like he is a different person and constantly argue with himself countering everything he says with something else making people assume he is insane.

Love: Zaraki is not overly familiar with this feeling be it love as in romance or love for a family member he has not come to understand what drives people to feel this way. He is experienced in sex and mainly satisfies the woman or women he is with but he does not feel love for them as a wife and husband would this is a result of growing up in a highly hostile environment for most of his life. He has tried to understand this feeling but he could never truly feel that way about anyone he had ever met so far as such speaking of love to him is like speaking to a rock about it he doesn't care for it a bit.

Trust: Is something Zaraki does not have in a single living person to him trusting someone other then yourself is asking for death, this temperament is also due to growing up in a very hostile environment for most of his life. While a person may think Zaraki has allowed them to understand or get to know his inner workings this is merely a lie or wall that Zaraki has built in order to placate the person into thinking they truly know him. The only person that truly knows the inner workings of Zaraki is himself this way no one can ever betray him and cause him the pain his has seen others inflict upon each other. Zaraki has seen the worst in people and experienced it for himself as such the seed of distrust was placed within him long ago and rooted deep within his personality. As such he may lie or speak in riddles as being cryptic is also amusing to him, he also does not like it when people touch him with his permission.

Defining Characteristics: Pretty much everything about him lol.
Specialties: Ambidextrous, Manipulative, Can hide his presence/feelings quite well.
Zaraki was born like any other child in a hospital with a father and his mother but he wasn't like most children he didn't think the same way. This hindered him as he grew up he isolated himself from them and didn't care at first his parents were able to ignore the behavior but as he got older it got worse he didn't ignore people anymore he hurt them. Whenever someone got close to Zaraki he would hurt them to the point where they would never come back against him problem was he couldn't figure out who to direct his feelings towards so he directed them towards everyone. When he got into middle school his father tried to direct the feelings towards something else so he got him into boxing but Zaraki didn't like the rules he broke them and smashed someones teeth in with his elbow. He was of course kicked out right away his father couldn't understand why Zaraki was so angry all the time truth was Zaraki couldn't explain it either he was just always angry.

In high school he entered MMA or mixed Martial arts he was good very good actually he was told he was a natural athlete. But this wasn't enough for Zaraki the fights were amusing but they began to get boring when he realized he couldn't keep fighting he ditched it for something else street fighting there was something Zaraki could get behind fully. He began to fight for fun and money he was good as always ad he loved the exhilaration he got from beating an opponent. He began to get into other things that were shady he became muscle for those who needed it and were willing to pay him a good price he didn't care as long as he had fun. It wasn't until Zaraki nearly killed someone in an underground fight that he realized what a fool he was being he got home that night and remembered the face of the guy. He couldn't get it out of his head he had tried to kill someone it wasn't right he knew this and he had to change before it was too late but he didn't know how he had been this way all his life how could he suddenly change he asked himself.

There was only one answer he had to talk to his parent's about himself he went downstairs and sat them down needless to say they were surprised, when he spilled his guts about what he had been doing. The real surprise was for Zaraki when they embraced him he thought that they would hate or disown him instead they accepted him and told them they would help him. He was sent to an angry therapy camp to work away his anger if possible, there he learned many small techniques like counting down to zero or imagining a river flowing calmly although don't let this fool you it took him a while to actually use them. It took him six months to be completely reformed he was like a new person his parents couldn't find a trace of the old Zaraki he was normal now his anger was something of the past. Too bad for Zaraki somethings hadn't been left in the past many people in the shady underground still remembered him and what he did. They wanted him to do the same things again but they didn't know Zaraki was not the same person although be certain even if they knew they wouldn't have cared much if at all.

When the shady people found Zaraki again after he came home they couldn't believe it the people who had seen his dark side knew what he was like and this was not him. But regardless they offered him quite a bit of money to go after a local biker gang and take them down one by one Zaraki pushed their money and the offer away trying to explain he wasn't like that anymore. They wouldn't listen and then fate gave them the finger as outside the place where they were trying to get Zaraki to work for them the biker gang waited for them they had heard the rumors and were gonna stop Zaraki before he could do anything. Pity for them if they had just stopped to listen when he came out they wouldn't have been hurt so much while Zaraki wasn't angry that didn't mean he didn't know how to fight which they learned clearly. After taking down the biker gang by himself he left but he hadn't thought that maybe those old 'friends' of his would say he was working for them still and that's why he beat them down. The rumors spread quickly Zaraki was back and he was marked by the gang they wanted him dead Zaraki had no idea he was just arriving home when it happened the gang drove by. They riddled him with bullets it hurt for a second and he fell to his knee's and then hit the ground the shock caused him to feel nothing now as he stared at the street blood pooling under him. Before he fell into the blackness of death Zaraki saw a black uniform and heard a soft voice telling him it was going to be okay he smiled just before death claimed him.

Spirit Arc:

Upon his death Zaraki seemed to awake in what seemed to be a dream land he couldn't understand what had happened to him. He tried asking around but everyone just told him he was dead that couldn't be right he thought he was just dreaming wasn't he he asked himself over and over but it seemed he wouldn't awake from this so called dream. Zaraki took a little while but he came to and realized he still needed food like anyone else here and began to steal whatever he could when someone tried to stop them he stopped their attempts easily and got away. He got a group of little followers and together they began stealing things to keep themselves fed and alive it wasn't suppose to be anything big but it turned out to be. The local gang yes they had a gang in the spirit world to go figure right? heard about them and wanted them out of their turf so they sent a warning they beat up one of the people in Zaraki's little group badly. Zaraki outraged went to the gang and crushed them here they were all equal they didn't have guns to take him down they had fists and for them this was bad Zaraki pummeled them into the ground with everything he had.

It was upon this time that without the local gang that people began to do what they wanted in the rukon districts since they had no fear of the gang now. Zaraki hadn't wanted this because of his actions they sent in shinigami to deal with the people including his own little group slowly but surely his little gang disappeared after being arrested by the shinigami. Zaraki was outraged never in all his life had he seen his friends taken away from him so easily and there was nothing he could do or was there he asked himself what if he beat one of these shinigami and got into their ranks. This idea would have been shot down right away if Zaraki knew what he was dealing with but he thought the shinigami were like anyone else. He set up an ambush in the back streets as a single shinigami came around the corner he struck by smashing his fist into his jaw he thought it was done but the shinigami stayed up easily and smiled at him. Zaraki couldn't believe it he did what anyone with a brain would he ran away but he was followed so he turned jumped off a wall, and kicked the shinigami male in the face. The shinigami male fell to the ground fell to the ground and Zaraki thought it was done until the shinigami got up with nothing but a small trickle of blood from his mouth and slammed his shoulder into Zaraki sending him flying.

Zaraki couldn't understand why this guy was so strong so he figured he needed to just hit him harder and lowered his center of gravity. As the shinigami rushed forward Zaraki unknowingly gather spirit energy towards his fist as he smashed it into the shinigami's face knocking him out completely. He took the shinigami's clothes and was going to sneak into the seireitei using this disguise when one of his old gang members came up to him saying he escaped. He told him how they could get in and everything Zaraki trusted him and was led in by the lie it was all a trap to get him in place of course the shinigami hadn't expected him to beat one of their own. He was caught and led to the seireitei where he was going to be thrown in prison but before they got him there he saw his old gang member accepting pay from the shinigami. Realizing He had been set up Zaraki flew into a rage the shinigami and his old friend were going to pay dearly for what they had done the kido binding his arms was broken as he rushed the shinigami paying his old friend. But someone got in the way it was none other then a captain of the infamous thirteen divisions who was inspecting his ranks had he known Zaraki would have most likely run away instead of throwing a punch at him. He caught his fist like it was an insect that was bothering him and sent his own strength back at him by giving him a punch at the same time. As he got sent into the air and fell to the ground the captain laughed as he stood back up he must have known he didn't stand chance but he was willing to play with him he guessed. Zaraki felt like he had been hit by a truck his head was spinning and the metallic taste of blood filled his mouth he spit it out before going on the attack again. He was kicking and throwing everything he had at the captain but he just laughed and dodged it all he was filled with hopelessness but shook it away while gritting his teeth and swinging one last time with all his power.

His fist caught a piece of him not much but just a piece he drew back and a small trickle of blood could be seen from his mouth. Zaraki might have celebrated if he weren't so exhausted but the captain wasn't done with him he moved faster then Zaraki could comprehend and smashed his palms into his ribs, he had never felt such pain before it felt like he had broken his ribs completely. The palm attack sent him flying into a stone wall where half his body was embedded into it he couldn't move hell he couldn't even think through the pain right now as he began to black out from the extreme pain. When he awoke it wasn't in a cell it was in a nice room well nice for Zaraki anyways when the door opened there was Tadashii standing in his full uniform. Zaraki looked at him through narrowed eyes what did he want to pound on him some more he asked himself but he found out from his very mouth that she wanted him to become a shinigami. Zaraki didn't believe a word of it at first but then he said he would agree if he released his friends she agreed but she said if he ever broke his word he would break him. So this is how Zaraki came to be after getting his ass handed to him by the captain of the sixth division.

Shinigami Arc:

After his recruitment into the shinigami ranks Zaraki was trained in the art of swordsmanship, kido, and hand to hand combat with various other things. He advanced at a steady rate nothing extraordinary or special he chose to train when the chance was presented to him but he was not overly dedicated to becoming more powerful. He graduated from the training to become a full fledged shinigami at an average rate, he did not feel the urge to rush to being better it felt like a waste of time. When he graduated his was places under captain Kutsu of the sixth division the same captain he later realized that had beaten him senseless when he first encountered shinigami. Over the years he was stationed with the sixth division slowly he climbed up the ranks not caring for any of it really, to him a rank was nothing more then a fancy word one used to make themselves feel important. He advanced until he reached the rank of lieutenant and there he has stayed under the command of Kutsu ever since never bothering to try and advance himself farther along the ranks.

Role-play Sample:
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Zaraki Hitoshi

Zaraki Hitoshi

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Done I think o.o
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Zaraki, Hitoshi
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