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PostSubject: Teki the Arrancar Finished   Teki the Arrancar Finished EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 1:48 pm


Name: Teki
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 247
Visual Age: 27

Gender: Male
Rank Espada #10 - #0
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 7' 1
Weight: 249

Body Frame: Wide, Muscular, finely toned
Blood Type: A
Sound of Voice: Teki's voice is quiet low, it is also kind of dragged as when he speaks his voice causes something like a vibration which causes taht kind of effect.
Appearance: Teki the Arrancar Finished Tmg12132
His remaining fragments of his mask go from his chin like yammy's but missing 3 teeth and then go down to his collar bone. His hollow hole is in the center of his chest.
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, training, killing, gloating
Likes and Dislikes:

* killing
* destroying
* fighting

* Over-confident people
* being over-estimated
* Having to use his ressureccion

Personality: Teki is pretty arrogant and very confident in his abilities. Teki is also a brute and very wreckless, while he highly admires his own power and state of being he has literally no consideration for the lives of the other espada or people around him. Teki tends to grumble when he is being lectured. Another thing about his personality is that, like the former 10'th espada he tends to yell "suerte" (luck) in battles when he finds his oponent to be very amusing. While being one of the largest espada, if not the largest he is not very bright when he is a having fun or toying with his oponent, only using his brute strenght. Even though Teki isn't very bright he becomes very stragetic and tactical when his oponent is pusing him to the edge, being able to work out such strageties that could be hard to comprehend. Teki enjoys hurting and killing others for his own amusment and then absorbing or eating there soul to become stronger and in his spare time he spends it with activities that will increase his reiatsu. He enjoys gloating as he is partly a show off as he says he has the strongest hierro of them all but this has yet to be proved right or wrong. The final thing about Teki is that he is also pretty lazy, to lazy for his own good.

Defining Characteristics:
- Yelling out "suerte"
-brute & wreckless
- not very bright (just not to say stupid)
- lazy

- Hand-to-Hand combat
- Cero shooter
- Hierro
Human Arc: Teki was born pretty much 250 years ago in california, on the day of his birth both of his parents were present at the time. He was born with out a single health problem or defect but his mother was having problems. After a fair three weeks when Teki and his parents returned to his home his mother died, now being raised by his father his neighbors knew he was going to grow up in to being a criminal. His father was the leader or godfather of the biggest mafia at the time in california so he never had any problems about having some one to take care of his kid while he went on "business trips". As expected by the time he was seven he was already taken in to the mafia and they were planing of giving him such roles that will grant him leadership of it when he's older. Through out his childhood he saw people getting killed and lots of narcotraficing. By the time he became seventeen he had already killed over thirty people, at this time his body was already partially muscular as he would spend some of his weekends and time after school to work out. In five years they kill his father, he actually didn't care much as his father never was much of a father to him but either way he was named leader of the mafia. Once he became leader of the mafia he organized many assualts and other things that ended up being a succes. Being the leader up to the day he became twenty-seven years old, he went out to work on his own agenda. For ten months he was on a killing spree, gaining the position of the most wanted person in the united states in these early years. All of the evil he was doing atracted a hollow one day, the hollow took his soul and killed Teki. From that day he was transported to hueco mundo in a hollow form.

Hollow Arc: Once he appeared in hueco mundo he walked all over, eventually finding a fairly large body of water and he looked in to it. That was the moment he had noticed that he had transformed in to a monster but this did not concern him as he could barely control himself with out this monster bread instincts trying to take over. With all of the sins he had commited in his living life, his reiatsu was fairly high which gave him much more strenght and easily being classified as a 'dangerous' hollow to any shinigami from fifth seat or lower. He was fairly large and had the appearence of something like an elephant. While he walked he slowly lost his sanity and once he did, he was in a group of hollows. He attacked the hollows and devoured them and took in their spiritual pressure to feed his own. With the taste of the hollow blood he went on a rampage and began to devour over seventy hollows and with each one his reiatsu continued to grow and his appearence slowly changed. One day he found a spatial rip and went to the human world, once there he could sense all of the spiritual pressur eof the human and the spirits wondering the world of the living. He went on a rampage, eating all of the spirits and devouring the souls of all of the living humans he could. He went on this rampage for over six months and his appearence drastically changed, being close to a giant four legged elephant type monster with out a trunk and some holes where he could shoot out a long string like thing that had hollow mask substance at the tip to make it like a large sludge hammer. With his large appearence and vast spiritual pressure, shinigami's began to become aware of his presence, sending four unseated shinigami to eliminate him. He devoured the shinigami's and then they sent even more shinigami's, those two were also devoured. The central fourty-six stopped sending shinigami's for days and while they didn't, Teki was continueing to become stronger by eating more and more souls. In a week they sent a third seat shinigami and three fourth seat, they had a battle and destroyed part of japan but ending with Teki devouring the shinigami's. Weeks past as nothing was being able to defeat him until they sent a captain to eliminate him, they fought and Teki was almost killed. By the captains high reiatsu atracted menos grandes to the seen and took the attention off of him. The spatial rip maintained active as the menos grandes attacked and Teki made his way to it so he could escape but the captain was aware of his intentions of escaping so he took chase after him, breaking his mask Teki wasn't killed and was able to escape. Ariving back in hueco mundo, the leader of all the espada was there waiting for him. He had been studing him and noted all of his growth, he knew he had the portential to atleast be a numero but he decided to test his strenght. He took Teki as a prisoner and released him in a ring to send him to battle, making him fight with several arrancars and with each one there power growing. In this long string of battles he defeated about twenty regular arrancars and eliminated an entire fraccion that was completly replaceable, that was componed of seven arrancars. The leader of the espada was impressed and used his powers to transform him in to an arrancar and soon he demonstrated his strenght against many enemies and a small invasion in the rukongai he was placed as espada number ten.

Role-play Sample:
Sesaro tossed and turned in his bed, apparently he was having a bad dream. He continued to turn in his bed as he dremt of the akatsuki since he heard it had been recreated, in his dream he was being caught by the akatsuki while his friends were also fighting the akatsuki to prevent this but they were being beated badly and some were dead. At one point of his dream he was thrown in to a chamber where his bijuu began to be absorbed and there was when he woke up screaming like usual people do when they have nightmares. When he woke up screaming he ffell off his bed and landed on the floor on his belly and face, he slowly got up cleaning off the dirt that was on him ( his house was very messy at the moment ) and then walked to the bathroom, when he looked at himself in his mirror he saw a bit of dry drool on the side of his cheek " Oh my god! this is so gross! get it off get it off get it oooof!" he said yelling while wiping the side of his cheek with a cloth. Once he was done and had everything together and in this is mean his act or his state instead of being overreacting but instead being calm and things of this nature, he walked out the door of his house locking the door and closing the windows before he left. He slowly walked on the streets of kirigakure with only the lighting of the street lights as it was still only 3AM, as he walked through the night he looked up in to the sky and to be more specific the clouds that were being lightened by the large moon. The clouds were in their regular nature, large, disfigured, puffy but in the eyes of Sesaro they were in the form of different things in his life like close friends, symbols of important places and other things of this nature. As he walked looking up he tripped over a large rock, when he got up brushing the dirt off himself he saw he was close to the villages gates and he knew from there he could go to the forest which was the spot that had his favorite spot in all of Kirigakure, the slow, sparkeling stream where he would spend his days after he trained or just didn't have anything to do. He smiled as he decided to go to the river so he continued his walk and went through the village gates and headed in to the forest's heart. He looked around at his suroundings whil he walked through the river admiring the forest during the nigght and the sleeping animals, he eventually made it to the stream. When he saw it, it was a magnificent site. It was glisening with the moon light and it's pitter patter on the rocks when it passed by was beautiful and soothing enough to calm an angry bor or bear, Sesaro sat at it's edge and put his legs in the water and slowly kicked his feet. He took this beautiful moment and this nice escence of silence to meditate, as he did he thought about his flaws and faults while also thinking of his good points. During this process he saw the elder toad in his mind signaling at him in a way to say come here and as he respected him he followed him in his mind.

As he followed the elder toad his black mind filled with vivid colors, he looked around and he was in a beautifull different world. He felt a dejavu going on as he knew this place was similiar but he couldn't remember where exactly he was. He sat down on a rock as he scratched his chin and thought about where he was until it hit him that he was on mount myoboku. He stood up and scratched his head as he was cunfuddled as he thought about the fact he was here while he was at the river, thsi was driving him crazy as it was just not logical. As he thought the two toad sage couples approuched Sesaro and tapped on his back but he ignored them as he thought and then they jumped on to his shoulders and then the toad sages yelled "Hey, Sesaro-Boy. Long time no see..... ". Sesaro fell forward on his face with his rump pointing up, he clinched and grinded his teeth while he got up and yelled at the toads " hey whats the big idea! havn't you heard or known that you shouldn't sneak up and yell at some one when they're not paying attention or thinking about something! it's rude ". Sesaro would have kept on going for minutes or maybe even hours but luckily the female toad sage slapped him in the face to make him stop speaking and to draw his attention and also release all of that built up anger that was just produced for such a meere and stupid event that had just occured. Now that she had his attention she held on his face as she rubbed it and drew him closer to herself and said " why hush down boy, you were brought here to keep going on in the toad art and follow the steps of the other fortunate ninjas that have came here, if you didn't catch that i'll tell you in a much shorter way, the geezer toad wanted you to get back here for training! ". She let go of his cheek and Sesaro got back up straight and rubbed his cheek and said " but how am I here while I was at the Kirigakure outskirt river? how do you explain that? " he said at first in a questioning tone but finishing up with a wise guy tone. The male sage toad clinched his fist and waved it at Sesaro and said " why you, don't ever speak to my wife in that tone you boy! " Sesaro responded saying " boy, you think that's an insult. You should check on yourself as your a frog!". The female toad sage jumped in the middle of them and extended her arms to the side while saying "stop stop stop it boys, stop bickering we should get along and stop thinking about that crap and get right to business, let's take him to the geezer toad so he can know what he's going to train and us see what troubles we are guna go through training him". Both look away pouting and say "fine". They all travel in a group towards the heart of mount myoboku to talk to the oldest toad sage. The two toad sages took Sesaro to the elder toad (leader of mount myoboku), Sesaro had a good time while walking as he just loved how mount Myoboku looked and it's smell especially how the air was so clean and had the faint smell of a tropic paradise. The toad sages and Sesaro eventually make it to the elder toads throne place but they were out of luck since when they arrived the elder toad was taking a nap, this made Sesaro angry so he began to yell at the elder toad " Hey geezer, wake up! ". The elder toad snorted and then woke up and looked down, he noticed they were there and said " Why hello Fukasuka & Shinma, how has been your day? " The sage toads respond with a bright smile and a fine, the elder toad pointed at Sesaro and said " who is he? ". Sesaro slaps his face and said "i've been here before, you brught me here this time and my name is Sesaro", the elder toad sighs with understanding and says "oh yes, i brought you here becuase I had heard from a scout toad that the akatsuki has reformed and I have in understanding you have a tailed beast inside you so I brought you here so you can learn how to enter sennin mode and Fusaku & Shima will help you enter it". Sesaro smiled and thumbed up and said "k this is going to be a breeze" the elder toad smiled at his cockyness and then said " ok but before you go....... who are you?". Sesaro and the toad sages slap their faces and walk away since they would be there awhile until the geezer finally understands.

The group walked for awhile until they had entered the large bamboo forest of mount myoboku, Fukasaku looked at Sesaro and spoke in a serious tone " This technique is not easy as it is very hard to learn and master plus it has requirments to even enter it, listen good becuase I shall only speak once: Sennin Mode is a senjutsu, senjutsu refers to a specialized field of jutsu that allows the user to sense and then gather the natural energy around a person. Senjutsu practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra, adding a new dimension of power to the sage's chakra, resulting in the creation of "senjutsu chakra". This new chakra enables the user to enter an empowered state called Sage Mode, which can then drastically increase the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. A person who is able to use senjutsu is called a Sage or Sennin. Now that you understand what senjutsu is here are the disadvantages you have when in sennin mode and have to enter it: If the user draws in too much natural energy in the attempt to initiate Sage Mode, they run the risk of transforming into a toad, then into stone. In order to gather enough natural energy to initiate the transformation into Sage Mode, the user must remain perfectly still. Because of that, the user can be an easy target for an opponent. Because the user needs to move during combat, the Sage chakra cannot be replenished, which means the user can't stay within this state for extended periods of time. These two weaknesses can be bypassed by the sage art: amphibian technique". Fukasuka caught his breath after speaking and looked at Sesaro, he Sesaro was looking down an when he looked up he was smiling and had his fist clinched and said excitedly "if that's all let's get cracking!". The toad sages smiled as he found him very cute and similiar to another ninja that was energetic and the last person to gain Sennin mode. The toad sage told Sesaro to sit down and meditate so that Sesaro did, minutes passed and then hours and the toad sage was still there meditating. Sesaro was finding this very unnecesary and blurted out "why do I have to meditate let's ju it curst work on me gathering chakra and then entering sennin mode!". The toad sage hit the ground with his cae and said "no, you must meditate and learn how to steady your flow of chakra and accept and aprehend the power or aura around you so meditate, Sesaro never thought that meditating could actually do that so he became determined to be able to flow his chakra. He crossed his legs and meditated for several hours until the toad sage saw that he was doing it very well so he told him to stand up. When Sesaro stood he jumped on his shoulder and said "ok now you have to draw in chakra and I shall help you in this act". Both of them do a handsign while trying to suck in nature chakra and then when the toad sage found it the perfect moment he did the handsigns to enter sage mode and fuse with Sesaro but when he did he flew backwards, he wiped the dirt off his face and jumped back on Sesaro's shoulder and Sesaro asked "what happened?". The toad sage just answered nothinsg wrong and then they began again but the toad sage was sent back again. The toad sage jumped back on Sesaro's shoulder and focused his chaktra in to naruto so he could see what's happening and he found out that his bijuu was rejecting him. The toad sage jumped off Sesaro's shoulder and said "you can not enter this state as your bijuu is rejecting me..." Sesaro began to overreact and the toad sage scratched his head and said "well a old ninja did enter sennin mode by himself since his bijuu wouldn't accept me either so you could try his way of entering it, all you have to do is engage the handsign you have to do and ruun through all of this picking up nature chakra as you move". Sesaro found this ery easy and then began to do what he was told but he wasn't having any succes. h continued to do this for hours non stoop until at one point he began to feel this wierd sensation and then he stopped for a moment and a blast happened where he was standing. The blast released lots of smke and once it cleared Sesaro's cloth had changed in to a sennin robe and his eyes had a light orange shadow above it and his eye's pupils changed shape in to a sideways rectangul. The toad sage looked in amazment and said "you have done it sesaro and the most amazing thing is that you have entered sennin mode's perfect stage which has only been entered by one ninja". Sesaro released sennin mode and smiled, the toad sages took him to the elder toad to report what had happen and his succes and the Sesaro was transported back to himself. When he noticed he was back at kirigakure's outskirts river and it was still around 3AM it appeared he was called through his mind but in real life he hdn't done anything but he still felt exhausted so he lied down in the long grass and slept for a few more hours.
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I shall grant you position of Octava Espada.

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