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Vizard Template

Name: Tsumaru
Nickname(s): Urufu
Age: 200
Visual Age:20

Gender: Male
Ex-Division: 2nd
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6"
Weight: 168 lb.

Body Frame: Physically Fit, Cut
Blood Type: 0+
Sound of Voice: Mature and deep.
Appearance: He has a caramel skin tone and his eyes a pure black while not using his ability. He has black pearl ear rings in each ear and his hair is cut low and he also has cold black hair. He also has a loose black collar around his neck all the time which he never removes it has a plate on the Japanese symbol o it for "wind." He never buttons up his school uniform and lets his white shirt just dangle out of his pants. He also has a wristband on his right wrist when he opens his mouth always fangs are shown even without trying. He often scares people off because of it. When using his ability his eyes change silver when in moon light they would seem like they glowed.

Likes and Dislikes:


Being yelled at
Being looked down on

Personality:He's somewhat cold-hearted at times but that's because people treat him that way because of his appearance. He often fighting and has a short temper. He is funny at times when he wants to be, well at least what he thinks is funny. (Which is terrorizing other people for no reason.) When in his serious mood he seems a bit emo but that's just the way he is. He is also very interested in I guess you can say pervy at some points but he can restrict it. He has a vast verity of personality but the main sticks to his very talkative and protecting towards anyone in a situation which he thinks they can't handle. He sometimes gets carried away while other people are in trouble and he steps in to help.

Defining Characteristics:
Murderous eyes
Always has a tooth pick in his mouth.

Playing guitar.
Being lazy.

Tsumaru was adopted after being found out in the rain, left on his grandfathers porch. Years after his grandfather raised him up to be just like other Japanese, but being only half many made brutal comments about him while he attended grade school. He found some what or a little stability when he reached middle school he made a few friends, good ones that actually stuck up for him while others lashed out at him for being half Japanese. He had a deep dislike for all of those people who attacked him for no reason. He was getting fed up with his life style and started to fight back, no longer standing around letting the few friends he had fight his battles all the time. He became very active in the fighting sense, he took a lot of beating and delivered them. It was then on no one lashed out against him anymore, for a while.

He had actually earned a reputation for being one of the most feared fighters in the school. "Urufu, Ookami" His eyes were fool of anger and loathing, the reminded his opponents of an angry wolf backed into a corner. Hatred almost consumed his life, but his grandfather helped him of that, daily training session, daily beating to learn discipline and restriction. Tsumaru learned the hard way, but he learned. While is ore than your place to stand up for yourself, you can't be submerged in your own reason. His life became more structured and sound thanks to that man that took him in off of his porch all those years ago. Tsumaru thought he has freed himself of all the unjust reasons from being different, being in all of the fights in middle school his was simply hostile and many students were displeased by his smug and rude attitude.

Tsumaru was walking home from school one, his first day of of the second trimester. The rain came down like a waterfall hitting the ground, making it almost impossible to walk on without slipping just a little. It was probably not such a good idea to do such a stupid thing, yet he did it anyway, being as apathetic as he was. A car whipped around the corner screeching, as the water shot up from the ground, due to the speed of the car's wheels. The sound was loud in Tsumaru's ears, he didn't even turn back to see how far the car was from his body, he had come to terms with his fate, not even definitely know the out come. The care swerved off of the road and pounded into his body pounding him into a nearby wall, the building that the car whipped the corner on. His ribs were crushed, his heart was thumping at a slower passe, it was still raining, harder and harder. Tsumaru looked up ad the rain drops filled his eyes, mixed in with the tear he had shed, seeing his grandfather for the last time in an envision, he closed his eyes and drifted off silently.

After Life
Tsumaru roamed around his grandfather temple, watching over the old ma that had took him in all those years ago. He visited the shrine that the old man had made for Tsumaru almost daily, simply staring at it from hours on end. He couldn't grasp the concept even amongst it, he was confused and lost. He slept over his grandfather trying to make sure that no harm would come to him, but once it did what could he do to stop him, warn him? No that wasn't a possibility he slowly grew out of his apathetic life style , knowing it wouldn't get him any farther than he had already went. He felt emotionless, still faced, he never cried once when he saw the few people he knew morning his death. Over time he was finished saying all of his "goodbyes", "sorry", and "thank-yous." He was fairly ready to pass on, to leave the world that made him into the type of person he was. He knew not all were so judgmental but none the less, he felt betrayed. One day as his grandfather had settled, and sleep.

He heard something coming from the far back room of his grandfathers temple. It sounded like some hug, a horrible whaling that shattered glass, yet grandfather stayed asleep. It was obvious this whaling wasn't anything from the physical world. He ran towards the sound foolishly, only to confront a enormousness masked creature, peering above even the most largest statue in the large room. Tsumaru stood their face to face. He got in a position to begin running, the creature readied himself to catch him. He had no choice but to run, but how far would he get without being reached. It was now or never, Tsumaru quickly whipped his body around and took off in a full sprint, as he ran he saw a black figure blow past him, only looking from the corner of his eyes he saw a female in a black kimono. She swiftly unsheathed a sword and jumped into the air and forced it into the creatures mask, slicing through like it was simply butter. Tsumaru had stopped running and looked back as the girl landed and sheathed her blade. He simply stood their in admiration and gratitude. Before she unsheathed her sword once again she smiled at him warmly and said that his grandfather was alright. He had question...But he couldn't get them out. She patted the end of her hilt to his forehead and sent him, passing on.

Soul Society:

Role-play Sample::

Rono sat on top of a tall roof of the Rukongai district, he thought to himself about everything as well as nothing. He was quiet he just looked up staring into the star filled sky in the real world he could do much of that. He was but an academy student yet he felt he was destined for much more than that. He stood up and jumped into the air and flipped forward and jumped down to the bare ground from the high building. He looked around and it was quiet. It was was almost at a silent notion everyone was probably in bed. He sighed and was extremely bored of simply thinking his head off. He wanted to do something so he decided to walk to his old home and at least think about what he left behind.

He walked up and stopped and looked at it it shattering through the darkness almost as if the moon were shining soully on he and the house. He put his hands in his pockets and sighed and narrowed his eyes slightly with the blank expression on his face. He had stayed in the house for a minimum of 2 years and wondered how all that he went through was possible. He didn't think any of it was real for a split second and he shook his head. He then thought about the girl from the car accident. He had wondered where she went, when they both were tapped by the Shinigami he sent her to a different part of the Soul Society. He sighed and closed his eyes all the way and turned his back to the house and did look back. The silver moon glowed on his back as the wind shifted his uniform softly with his Lt.'s patch firmly on his left arm with a amount of slack on the cloth so it flowed with the wind as well. He took in the breeze gradually and stood there.

"That was the past....and it shall remain that way..." He said as he stepped forward and began to walk off towards the division 2 barracks. He walked on a path that was fairly narrow and each step he took there as a soft click on the ground.

It was Usagi's turn to patrol tonight, she had to cover all the divisions' quarters until her shift was up..Of course her lower seat had to do this, but she was stupid enough to except in place if anything happened to that subordinate..She sighed as she jumped down from the roof of the 2nd division quarter building landing on the ground not noticing anything...not even the Lt. of squad 2...Her eyes were closed... Rono felt a slight pass of reuitsu and then he looked up and saw the captain of squad 7. He smiled slightly as the bowed to her knowing that she couldn't see him due to her eyes being closed. She was bound to sense his energy though it was suppressed quite well, even to the extent to a lieutenant.This particularly captain had some kind of talent for picking up on other people being near by reading there energy patterns. She continued on with her eyes closed and she smiled slightly with her lips glossed slightly and he then opened her mouth slightly muttering to him.

"Hello there, Rono....what are you doing out so late....?" Rono looked at her with a slight smiles and his patch on his arm loosely and he responded. "Hello taicho." He then looked at the sky after her question and smiled softly. "Oh...I was just thinking and walking." He looked down at her once again. She looked at him and blinked, then smiled once again "well you should get some rest..." Rono looked at her and blinked as well. "Why is that..?" He looked at her blankly not what she meant by that. She reached into her left sleeve and pulled out a paper that seemed to look very official. She handed the paper to Rono and looked at his facial expression. "You have been recommended for the position of captain of Division 2....You should get to bed and get ready for tomorrow, it's a big day." She said as her glossed seeming lips formed into a small smile. Rono looked at her with his eyes widened and opened his mouth...."Who would do such a thing?!" Usagi paused for a moment, then put her hand behind her head, "Oh not me silly! That wouldn't happen even if u were half as fast as me!" She sarcastically joked.

She smiled and looked at him and winked... "Rono you have to know there are people out there looking over you and seeing your progress." Rono looked at her and began to think...."Did you?" She then looked away and smirked slightly then shunpoed away. "After all, the Soul Society can use all the help they can get...good luck....Rono." Rono looked at the paper and walked to his room thinking of everything that would carry on the next day.
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