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Zane Hataro
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PostSubject: Dellapero Grance   Dellapero Grance EmptyMon Dec 13, 2010 2:26 pm


Name: Dellapero Grance
Age: 600
Visual Age: 32

Gender: Male
Rank Cuatro Espada ( If it is available)
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'5
Weight: 192 LBs

Body Frame: Mesomorphic
Blood Type: O+
Sound of Voice: Dellapero's voice can only really be described as a empty sound that shows not even hint of even the slightest bit of emotion. Of course, this is just the generic most casual sound of his voice which may change at times, though such is extremely rare.
Appearance: Dellapero stands at a height of 6'5 with a Mesomorhp build. This is shown by his abnormally large mussle mass that is visible along his chest and stomache. Delapero has a tan, caucassion skin-tone, black hair that covers the entire top of his head as well as even reaching down over the back of his neck and forehead. Dellapero has eyes as black as the darkest midnight and commonly has a very calm, almost to the point of being emotionless, facial expression. He only would show a different expression in a rare case. Dellapero's attire consists of a black leather jacket that covers his entire back, the bottom-back of his neck, and 25% of the sides of his stomache and chest. As well as black pants that go down to his ankles. At the center of his right-hand, the incription of his his number is shown in a blood-like red color. Dellapero's hollow mask fragment consists of white hollow mask covering a 1 inch radius around his left-eye. The mask material appears to be smooth, and isn't that thick compared to other fragments. His hollow hole is at the center of his back and stomache, allowing one to see the inside of a portion of the jacket through the stomache.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Killing those of the shinigami and Vizard race
Likes and Dislikes:

Being left in solitude

Most Vizards
The gotei 13
The Soul Society
Being annoyed

Personality: Dellapero Grance doesn't really care for the survival of anyone aside from himself. He actually would prefer that the universe's population droped by a considerable amount. Dellapero considers very few people to have reason for existing and beleives those that don't have a reason to exist should be erased from the face of reality.He usually resides alone in a scarcely populated region of Las Nochas either in a state of sleep or a trance, as one would say, of deep-thought. Dellapero tends to analyze a target's combat style and gain an understanding of their powers before taking the offencive. That way he can assume a estimation of the target's defence from their offence and use the data obtained to his advantage in combat. Dellapero usually will do as ordered by a superior, but refuses to take a command from anyone of equivilant or lower ranking. The main reason he would dis-obey a superior's order would be if he had judged them to not have a reason for existing, though, this is a very unlikely case.

Defining Characteristics: The mpst defining characteristic of Dellapero's being would most likly be his cold and emotionless glance that, once one would see it, one would be able to recognize him right away at any other instant in time as his glance was something that usually stuck in a being's head.
Specialties: Dellapero specializes in piecing things together. In a scenario such as knowing a chain of events with a missing oart of the time-line, he would usually be able to create a pretty good estimation for what the unknown event was,.
History/Background:Dellapero was born in the city of Edo which is known today at Tokyo Japan. He was the son to Ideka Katsui, a five star general in the Tokugawa military, and Mitsuta Katsui, a medical worker at the time. From the start of his life, he had to stay in Edo because of the constant war-fare and combat in the other areas of Japan. The only two people he had for company was his brother, Zane Katsui, and his best friend who lived in Edo as well. Dellapero spent his early years of life mainly sleeping and being a rather lazy person who hate doing work, as most kids do. After several years he had finally turned eight and the time to begin his training in the basic arts of zanjitsu and Martial Arts had began. He and his brother were placed under the training of Tadekatsu Honde who was revered as the most skilled combatant of the Tokugawa army and also the defender of Edo Castle at the time.

Dellapero trained against his brother mostly for the practice matches and a few times against Tadekatsu who didn't take very long to beat him for obvious reasons. he adapted to the art of using a blade very quickly and moved on to training his archery capabilities. He even managed to pass Tadekatsu in this subject, mainly because Tade was a strictly close-combat warrior. After five years if regress training and work in all types of weaponry, Dellapero was fourteen and able to join the army and was able to use almost any weapon to it's best extent. He joined under his father as a corporal for a short period of time while his brother was assigned as a Lieutenant of the Shiba battalion. It was pretty dull the first few years in the army as his unit was positioned to defend Edo which was rarely ever attacked even by bandits.Over the years, however. Dellapero started to gain rather odd abilities such as temporary boosts in strength or speed, although this was unknown to him. Once the first guns were developed, Dellapero toke a course to learn how to best use the weapon. By the time he had half-learned the weapon's use, a group of Date battalions attacked Edo by the Northern gate.

Dellapero and his group were guarding the southern gates, so they didn't have much of a problem. They just stood there ,waiting. Dellapero was promoted to Lieutenant later o in the same battalion and his brother was moved as second in command of the unit. By now he was 21 and his father was getting old and rusty. After a hour of war-fare to the north, the real Date army appeared to the South east with the main group of units. The date were the second army to advance in gunman-ship, so they had two entire units with guns. At the same time as the second force appeared, a Date engineer set Edo castle a flame burning away at most anything in the area. A full on retreat was called to Mitogawa from the west gate. Many died that day and Edo was burnt to the ground including Dellapero's old best friend. Such was the life of war.

Later that night, Dellapero's father died from inhaling to many toxic fumes from the fire and Dellapero was placed as the new general of the battalion with his brother being second in command. They spent years together training in the arts of every weapon known to man in this time period. Dellapero and Zane were sent on their final mission to capture and kill Mitsuhide Aketchi in Mt Fuji where they were ambushed by an assassin unit and killed.From that point on weird things were happening again. He felt as if he had been seeing " demons" in the battlefield devouring the souls of dead soldiers. This went on for three years and he was dis-charged from his position for being clinically insane. Dellapero left to live his life in a Urban area for awhile, ten years to be exact. He continued seeing them more and more until one finally attacked him out in a forest. This resulted in his death and turning into a hollow.

As a gillian, Dellapero slowly lost memory of his life as a human and slowly started to turn into a mindless demon the same as the one who had killed him as a human. He killed and devoured dozens of souls in the world of the living, but something was wrong. The souls filled his hunger, but he longed for more..he wanted power. Dellapero returned to the Menos Forest and started to devour hollows instead of human souls. This not only kept his hunger filled, but kept his power constantly raising each day. In a clash of hollows hungry for power, including himself, something odd happened. He and the hollows merged together into a behemoth-like demon known as a Menos Grande Gillian. Dellapero retained control of the mammoth-sized being and continued to devour,only now on other Menos.

After a few decades, Dellapero evolved yet again into an Adjuhace which caused him to retain more of a human personality and regain self-control. Dellapero stayed in the Menos Forest for several more years, eating hollows occasionally, but it was no longer an addiction like it was, just a need.

It toke many years of doing so, but after several centurys of occasionally devouring hollows, Dellapero began to accumulate yet another form. This form, however, was much more human-like then the previous and also contained far greater power then he previously had. Ther result of this new stage gave him even further humanoid personality, adapting that of a certain aspect. Over time, Dellapero found out his mind was more focused on that of just spending time by himself in the least populated sections of Hueco Mundo. Upon this new transformation, he was assigned a ranked position in the espada for the reasoning of his Vast Power from being a Vasto Lordes before turning into an Arrancar .
Role-play Sample:
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The Jackal
The Jackal

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PostSubject: Re: Dellapero Grance   Dellapero Grance EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 2:35 pm


Whether or not you will have Vasto Lorde status will be up to hunter. Since he will determine you rank and what not.

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PostSubject: Re: Dellapero Grance   Dellapero Grance EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 4:37 am

I'm gonna be honest and say this isn't good enough for Cuarto Espada. For now, you will have Adjuchas status and have the rank of 9th Espada.

Dellapero Grance Huntersiggy
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