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    PostSubject: Kiraiyama, Mugen   Kiraiyama, Mugen EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 1:03 pm


    Name: Kiraiyama, Mugen
    Age: 742
    Visual Age: 34

    Gender: Male
    Division: Gobantai
    Rank: Captain
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Height: 6' 5"
    Weight: 193 lbs

    Body Frame: Large, Thin yet Musucular
    Blood Type: -
    Sound of Voice: Deep, Snide, and commanding.

    Face/Head - Mugen has some strong features but most are obscured by his unique hairstyle(s). He has a large nose, deep brown eyes which appear red in some lights, large ears which are hidden, medium sized lips, and a pronounced jawline & chin. His skin is a white and he has no freckles or birth marks off the sort. On his face he has no notable scars. Mugen's hair style is the equivalent of shoulder length brown/black hair which is frizzy all around but with some order, going down in a single direction rather then all over the place. He has bushy black/brown eyebrows, and he has a thin medium length beard that appears to have evolved from some sort of bacon strip goatee. He has a strong resemblance to Kyoraku Shunsai and Serj Tankian.

    Body - Mugen's body is a pale white and has some scars here and there but nothing large as he rarely got injured in the battles of his youth wither it was soul or Hollow. He is a tall man standing at an astonishing 6'5" (yep that's right he can fucking dunk!) with a slim, muscular body like that of Zaraki Kenpachi, if you require a comparison. He has large hands and large feet. He has a tattoo of a spider on his back in black. The spider resembles the insignia of the popular Marvel Villain known as Venom. He wears the basic shinigami uniform with his captains haori over top resting on his shoulders. His shinigami uniform has long sleeves which hide his hands effectively; he has a ring with a small green gem and with the kanji in white in it which means "East" on his right hand, he wears it for unknown reasons. He wears the basic tabi with socks and his obi is white with various black lines along the edges.

    Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert

    Smoking - Mugen has a dirty little habit of smoking. He smokes where ever he can when ever the craving hits but will stop if he notices making someone uncomfortable or when small children are or when asked to nicely. He sometimes smokes with the Captain Commander and not just those Rukongai killing sticks.

    Walking - Mugen likes wandering around aimlessly on foot at night while enjoying a nice little killing stick. He get's lost in his thoughts and the intriguing smoke of death that exhales with every puff.

    Sleeping - Mugen likes to sleep but only during the day. He doesn't like sleeping at night for unknown reasons so he oftens sends his Division to their job during the day, wakes up at twilight and gets a briefing, he then goes off with the night corps doing their night watch.

    Likes and Dislikes:




    Defining Characteristics:

    Mugen was born in what is now the country of Turkey almost 8 centuries ago as the son of a Shepard/tanner and his merchant trade wife. His father would raise sheep and cattle, he would then sell the wool of sheep and send his cattle to a butcher where they were slaughtered & skinned. He took the skin which he would use to make tan leather. His wife would make use of the leather and various fabrics to make clothing and such to sell to the rich in the Bizarre. It wasn't a great life but it was a simple life and they rarely went with out. Mugen was their first born son and was very special to them. They had a few children after him, three to be exact, all girls but he was their only son and he would take over the family business when he came of age as most children did. Although it seemed that their were other forces at work and simple life would be out of the question. Mugen lived an uneventful life for most of his days. He played and learned as children did. He simply enjoyed life. He grew to be a very large, very strong young man who stood at about 6'1" at age 14. Nothing important happened until he was about 15 when famine swept through the land and the blame was passed onto his people. You see Mugen was Turkish-Armenian. His father was a Turkish man while his mother was of Armenian decent but she didn't look like the common Armenian and for the most part was safe from the prosecution that the Turkish people put on the Armenian. It was very similar to the way the Jews were prosecuted through out the world. But it seemed that her Armenian blood was strong in Mugen and his sisters as they were not safe from it. His sisters were very young and didn't understand why they hated them but Mugen was much more realistic about their hate and knew that they didn't need a reason to hate them, existing was enough. This made the boy rather bitter but he was smart enough to know that he had to keep such things to himself or something bad could occur. Soon bad things began to occur. People stopped buying his mothers fabrics. Armenian's were being assaulted by the Sultan's armed forces and as things seemed to progress with the expansion of the Turkish Empire, it seemed it would not stop anytime soon. It never did. Soon religious leaders began to have secret meetings; they preached different things. Some preached that they should just take the persecution and that it would pass; others preached of what they could do to protect themselves; and younger, angrier men preached that they should fight back. Nothing was decided. Everything was in a stand still. Until the first child was killed. A girl no older then 14 was raped and killed by a group of Turkish boys; children of soldiers. The girl was Mugen's sister and at the time Mugen was only 16. Hell was about to break loose. She had disappeared in the Bizaare when she went to buy some things. She never returned. Mugen and his family never saw her alive again. Mugen's father was the one to find her and he along with Mugen himself decided it was enough. They attacked some of the Sultans men and from their actions a civil war ensued, the soldiers were killed as they head their head caved in by rocks. Mugen and his father went out on a raid and killed as many Turkish soldiers as they could find. Soon other Armenians joined in and a civil war was under way.

    Role-play Sample: (This is here if you want to have an account of elite status. A link to a topic is always preferred over a singular post.)
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    Kiraiyama, Mugen
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