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PostSubject: Methias - Arrancar   Methias - Arrancar EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 11:57 am


Name: Methias
Nickname(s): Wolfeh
Age: 1307
Visual Age: Looks to be in his late 20's.

Gender: Male
Rank Whatever gets chosen for me.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: ~6 foot tall
Weight: ~150 pounds

Body Frame: He seems relatively thin, however, he has little to no fat on his body. In fact, he is essentially pure muscle on a small frame.
Blood Type: AB- (Also tasty)
Sound of Voice: He rarely speaks, however, when he does, a truly sinister sound leaves his lips. He always seems to be speaking down to anyone, as if he sees himself as superior to them.
Appearance: Methias is a relatively sinister looking being, to say the least. He wears the typical Arrancr uniform, yet the trousers he is so fond of are incredibly loose, infact, the only reason they stay on his is because of the black belt attached to his waist. These trousers are obviously the brightest of whites, indicating that he is a member of the Arrancar army. He walks in bare foot, the exception being that both are wrapped up in bandages, only the toes being revealed. His toe nails are a littl on the long side, curving downwards like a claw. The bandages wrapped around his feet are brownish in color, either indicating that they are an odd color, or that they have been worn that little bit too much. These bandages also tie around the bottom of his trousers, in order to prevent them flapping in the wind. While tight, they are not remotely uncomfortable.

As for the clothing on the top half of his body, he tends to wear the typical uniform yet again. However, he is often revealing his chest and stomach, deciding against doing it up. The arms are also cut off, in personal preference apparently. This often reveals an incredibly toned body, to the point it would appear that he has always lived at the brink of death, to the point he had to train his body in order to survive. Each of the muscle's in his body seem to be trained the such an extent that the fat in his body would likely be around two percent. Each of his hands also have bandages wrapped around them, much akin to his feet, except these bandages are also covered up with gloves. Attached to the gloves are two metal claws, which are linked (chained) to one another. These claws have three blades each, and is apparently Methias' Ressureccion.

His facial features would be his most noticable point, at least according to onlookers. Having long, white hair, his eye's are almost always covered by a messy series, which hide both his hollow mask, and the red color of his eye's. The rest of his hair is a general mess, with no style in any sense of the word. It has clearly never been brushed, but has clearly been hit by several bursts of wind in its time. It is relatively spikey, considering its length. His nose is quite small and perk, pointed slightly at the tip. Just beneath his nose, his lips, which are relatively thin, giving the impression of someone who is somewhat more evil than most. The teeth within his mouth are considerably sharper than most, each tooth being almost canine-like. His chin is relatively square, making him look like he has a strong jaw.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: He tends to cut his face with his claw before tasting his own blood. He seems to like the taste, and the pain.
Likes and Dislikes:

Finding out about things

People ruining his fun
Loud Noises



Some describe him as an incarnate of madness, his very essence bring chaos to all those around him. He finds even the most disturbing of moment humorous, babies dying bringing a smile to his face shows the true darkness lingering within his heart. Such a twisted mind causes him to be far more confident than nearly anyone, be it through his slightly demented mind bringing with it a lack of fear, or true courage is yet to be discovered. He normally seems to lack the ability to speak, he instead communicates in a series of grunts and screams, although it is very rare anyone understands his calling. He seems to prefer walking on all fours, showing his mind is somewhat premature and animalistic.

When in Los Noches, it is has often been suggested he is kept in a sealed enviroment, his outbursts being incredibly violent. He appears to not react well to others being violent or loud, somewhat instinctively attacking those who speak up or attack oneanother. With death acting little more than a play thing to him, it is a wonder how h became an Arrancar in the first place.

During battle, his Malevolent nature is shown to truly appear. Capable of killing even innocent bistanders with but no remorse, he becomes a force truly to be reckoned with. He attacks based purely on instinct, although it appears to most to show no real pattern. Attacking from multiple angles at once, aswell as showing great tactics, it is shown that he is truly a master of battle and chaos indeed.

Intellect / Manipulative

Unknown to the outside world, his mind is infact highly intelligent. Carefully thinking through everything he does, he is for certain a truly manipulative being. He appears to be unable to speak, yet this is just another lie to decorate his already trecherous self. He believes if people believe he is nothing more than a beast, they will begin to think lesser of him. If this is done, it would mean he would have the element of surprise if he ever needs it. However, once certain emotions run through him, be becomes a truly magnificient beast, a devil in an Arrancar's body. It is during these times that his animalistic rage is seen, and anyone who stands in his way is likely to not be breathing for much longer.


Methias has a true hatred for most races outside Arrancars, and more specifically, the humans. He hates those miserably creatures more than anything, and would gladly eradicate the whole of the race. Yet, he still prefers to watch them suffer, and can spend days simply manipulating them to a degree of where they end their own life, and become the very same creature he is, well, to a lesser extent of course. After this is done, he then usually enjoys a quick hollow snack. The best treats are the ones you create yourself, of course.


As expected from such a person, Methias is incredibly sadistic. If you hadn't gathered from the above, it is still very clear that he enjoys watching the seeds of his mental damage come to grow. As well as the enjoyment he gains from causing mental pain, seeing people suffer a painful death brings but a cute little smile upon his devilish lips. It doesn't appear to truly matter if the damage comes from him or not, just the sight of someone in agony is music to his ears. He appears to be fascinated by violence, weapons, injury and torture, and any time it is occuring in Las Noches he is more than likely to make an appearance.

The Wonderer

Unlike most beings, he seems to casually wonder around when being sent on a mission. His actual attention to things themselves are abysmal, and is more likely to be seen playing with something he found on the floor than actually being at all helpful to the cause. Due to his wondering mind, it is often required that someone helps keep him in check. As such, he is rarely seen alone outside of Las Noches, either under the command of an Espada or a superior ranking Arrancar. He doesn't like to be in one place for too long, however, as his mind quickly grows weary of the things around him. Due to this, he seems to have an imaginary world inside his head, which he retreats to whenever he is bored. It is quite clear that his insanity also plays a huge part in this place aswell. The world itself is as messed up as he is, and almost appears as an area of space, rocks floating around, with several childrens toys in various locations. These toys move and walk on their own, and even fight with one another. When Methias goes into this little world in his mind, he sits in the center, upon a giant throne, which could indicate a superiority issue.

Curiosity killed the Cat

As previously stated, Methias seems to wonder off and do his own things. The reason for this is simple. He is incredibly curious. Due to the fact he is infact incredibly intelligent, if he see's anything new, he wishes to find out everything about it. How it works, what it does, and why it does it. Three of the most commonly asked questions that linger in Methias' mind. Once figuring these things out, he moves onto the next target, and his curious mind continues to wonder. He wishes to understand everything, and know of everything, and because of this, it could be said that when he's trying to figure something out he is in fact most dangerous.

Defining Characteristics: He tends not to pay that much attention to anyone. As well as this, he often walks around on all fours, as if it makes him feel more comfortable.
Specialties: Ambidexterity
History/Background: Born several hundred years ago, Methias never knew his birth parents. An unmarried couple accidentally fell pregnant, and upon giving birth, left him in a forest several miles away from his unknown hometown. Being newborn, his fate seemed to be sealed from that very day. However, nature is often kind in its blessings, and something truly amazing happened on that very night. A wolf pack found the child, and as amazing as it may sound, they took the child in as their own. They fed it, looked after it, and gave it a family.

Growing up without a name, he lived alongside the wolves that raised him, unaware of what it was to be human. At the age of four, he was much stronger than most fully grown men, capable of running on all fours at incredible speeds for such a young child. He already knew he was different to his family, but he didn't care. By this time, he had grown to be able to understand them, as well as being able to communicate with them. His mind was truly no longer human, and his body had began to make some striking changes due to the way he lived. His fingers and grown in such a way he had claws, and his teeth were ever-so sharp.

As the years had passed, he became an efficient hunter, his hands now devastating weapons, along with his teeth. By this time, he was around eighteen, a matured young man with scruffy, silver hair. While hunting with the pack, a group of hunters eventually charged the pack. Seeing the young man with them, they took an interest in him, and killed the whole pack but him, instead knocking him out and taking him with them. Upon waking up, he was a freakshow. Locked up in a cage and shown to the two legged creatures, he couldn't help but notice that they were like him.

Another four years had passed, and he had picked up an understanding of the so called "Humans". It was this year that he made his escape, although it would end up being the last day he spent living in this world. Taking vengeance for his pack, he killed atleast fifty humans befor being killed with the same method his pack was, shot. It took a whole four bullets to take him to the ground, and upon deciding he was no longer useful to them, they took the final shot to the head, his life ending within moments.

And then it was blank. His life was over, but he still felt something. The feeling of being given rebirth. But this was not the case, he was but a spirit, slowly but surely becoming something more, a Hollow. By the time he had properly awoken, his spirit chain has only a few hours before it severed completely, and that is exactly what it did. As it broke from his chest, a strange darkness filled the area around him, a white mask building upon his face. The transformation was complete. He was now something else.

He spend several years prowling the area he lived in, the area which names he couldn't remember. His mind scared to the point of no return during life, he was but a truly sinister creature now he was dead. Spending the majority of his time around deathbeds, he instantly devoured the spirits of the recently dead to forfill his hunger, and further avenge his fallen pack. However, the curse of eternal hunger was far greater than anyone could imagine, and he eventually turned to the other Hollows who lurked around to further forfill his hunger.

Menos Grande, and the forest of Menos. This was where he found himself next, his mind lost in the darkness of several hundred Hollow entities sharing a single body. During this time of peace, he spend several years docile, unawakened. Yet, something eventually triggered within the truly pointless Menos. It heard a name, his name, for the first time - Methias. A mighty roar filled the air within the forest, Methias finally awakening yet again some four hundred years later. The hunger was too great, and all the Menos around him were ripe for the picking. Every one tasted better than the last. Merely days had passed, and the next evolution had taken place.

It was during his time as an Adjuchas he managed to learn about his abilities. The capability to mess with beings minds was such a beautiful capability, and ever-so deadly. Able to turn ally into foe, and foe into ally, he eventually was subject to being watched by lower level Arrancar. His abilities were so strange, that many a being wanted Methias in their alliance instead of an enemies. Because of this, he was constantly on guard, and even killed many of those weakling Arrancar's which were becoming an annoyance. That was, until that one fateful day, he gained progression into the next level of a hollow

It was only for around a year, but he had finally progressed into the final stage of evolution. He still remembers the day he removed his mask, and became what he is today. Arrancar.
Role-play Sample: Here - Post number 7, by guest. To prove it's me, it uses the name "Methias" in its text <.<

Note: History's not that great, but my mind is pretty blank and the point where my lack of caring has come into play... Will edit out the "He gained progression into the next level of hollow" (Meaning Vasto Lorde) if need be.
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Approved as Sexta Espada.
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