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Name:Drazon Fukkashi
Nickname(s):The dragonized Plant
Age: 100
Visual Age:23

Sexual Orientation:Straight
Weight:186 LB

Body Frame:Buff-Slim average
Blood Type:AB
Sound of Voice:
Drazon's attire is rather unique from the other arrancar and what not. His coat is white on the outside and goes down to the start of his thighs and the end of his joints. On the edge of the coat before going on to the inside he has black lines leading up to a black hood on top of his coat. On his shoulders you can see to torn sleeves which appeared to be black. Drazon has faded blue hair which goes down to about his neck but you can never really tell due to the way he keeps it which is sometime spiky but still on going. Drazon has a six pack which the ladies could die for if they wanted and his skin is rather sand like color just brighter. Like creme color at the most. His pants are rather baggy and at the bottom you can see them closing up with black stockings that lead to Drazon's shinigami like shoes. He wears bandages on his forearms which are snow white with black lining. The remains of his hollow mask run from his ears down to his jawline and are in a jagged form.

Introvert/Extrovert:Drazon is rather open about his feelings. He isn't one to keep things to himself and will say whatever he wants anytime he wants. Even if it gets him killed hes true to his lifestyle.
Hobbies:Drazon doesn't have many hobbies but bossing around the menos and gillian's.
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Drazon likes to feast on people and eat them until there is nothing left but their mask. He would rather have sleep all day then get involved with fighting shinigami. Drazon isn't to closed minded about allying with Shinigami.

Dislikes- He isn't to fond of bounto's or humans. Drazon wouldn't be caught dead eating human food unless hes starving and the one thing he hates more then humans and bounto's are those damn store clerks they have on Earth.

As the type of person Drazon appears to be he isn't that cold or mean. He would rather catch some z's all day then fight with someone that isn't worth his time at all. Drazon is normally happy and mysterious because of his lack of talking unless something is urking his nerves. Normally he would be all tired and lazy but wouldn't be caught dead not doing his job.

During a fight Drazon is rather funny with all his bumbling questions and the way he acts. He would normally trick the enemy into attacking first so he can see the way they fight and analyze their abilities. His smarts are only allied by his strength and speed that he has been able to utilize for quite some time. Like mentioned before Drazon is really smart and can use that to win a battle against any opponent.

Defining Characteristics:His sense of humor
Specialties:Sword Fighting

Life of The Abused
1876 march 9th 12:04 am. A boy is born. He was famous for his infamous hair which was a silky blonde color which faded into the starlight from the gazing moon. It was something special about this boy. He was rather unique with his weird eye colors of neon green. It brought him attention from the time of his birth to the time of his death. He could normally be seen growing very fast and becoming very strong. By the time he was 7 he had begun to learn about those eyes of his. They weren't green for no reason, they were green because they gave him a unique ability. Random wind storms was what those eyes of his gave him. He would get angry and his eyes would glow shining out a green light that was piercing but at the same time blinding. A wind storm would strike up slicing trees and even buildings. The young boy did not know what to do with his ability so he acted as if it never existed. As he got older things began to get hard for him hiding his powers. He was know 11 and he knew his family had alot of money and he knew his powers would make them outcast and make them lose their financial incline in the society. As the public eye watched him more he began to hide more and people began to wonder more. One day exactly on his 12th birthday his mother talked to him in private and she said "Boy. I know its something wrong with you. Do you have something going on with yourself that i should know about?" The boy looked at his mother with fear and nodded his head no. But what they boy and his mother did not realize is that it was someone outside of that window in his room. It was someone who wanted to take a inside story on the boys life. As soon as the mother left the room the boy let out a sigh of relief as he pushed everything on the ground including his solid glass lamp. As a loud noise was made the boy screamed. It was his wind powers but i guess no one heard him and the man outside of the window just watched this unfold in amazement. The reporter would climb through the window and said in a low tone "Don't scream. I just want to talk." As the boy looked at the man with a blank stare he would shed a tear which would send a pulse of cutting air throughout the house. As everyone in the living room was on the floor playing twister the reporter was sliced in half and so was the house. As the boy looked around in disbelief his father stood up all damaged and said "Boy i am sending you away"As the cops arrived on the scene the boy put out 1 hand to his family who flailed in fear he shed 1 tear. as he was put into the back of the police wagon and taken away. As he was administered into a crazy house the boy would spend his next 12 years locked in a box type room with nothing to do and 3 nasty meals a day.On his 24th birthday the boy let out a scream of hatred. At the exact time of his birth was the exact time of his escape 24 years later 12:04 am. This scream was like a push effecting.starting around the mans body and pushing outwards. It broke down the whole facility and left the man perfectly fine. the year now 1920 and it was very different. It was something called "cars" now and they were very fast. As the man ran away from the cops that were chasing him he looked back and smiled. As he turned foward he seen a car hitting him from the side ripping his body in half. As he laid there dead on the floor a cop came up and said "Thats him alright. The wind demon Domon Kasshu"

Birth Of a Hero
It was something only the heavens in the sky could wish for. Someone of a great power being born out of destruction. The destruction known as Drazon. He was something of a masterpiece. Flawless skin, Flawless hair, and last but not least a flawless body. All the traits of the world of tommorow. Something looked upon from the others. When created Drazon wondered the white sand desert for 400 years looking for somewhere he belonged.He looked high and low looking for that place he called home.During this time he learned that he was called a hollow.As he began to feast on these hollows he began to gain powers.He started shooting blast from his hand.Soon he started to transform into something known an arrancar.

Life Like a Human
Now Drazon was more of a human type entity roaming this white sand desert looking for where he belonged.He started seeing flash backs in his head about getting hit by a speeding box.He started waking up and realizing that these were only thoughts and nothing more.He started to wonder why were these thoughts coming in his head.
As Drazon journey continued in this desert he started to feast on more people like him arrancar and hollow.The more he ate the stronger he got.His Blast then started to change white but left a burning mark on his hand.He started having nightmares which were 10 times worse than the speeding box.He seen a boy with green hair being pushed by guys in light blue clothing.This boy was bloody and had a dent in his face.After seeing this Blake woke up and began to question himself.

Journey To an End
Drazon found a small shallow puddle along this desert as he looked into it he saw the boy from his nightmares.He wondered how it was possible.Was he giving him a second chance at life? was he just seeing things? Drazon wondered on along the desert until he reached a white castle.In this white castle he seen lots of things.More hollows more arrancars.And even something stronger.Called the espada,They were the same as an arrancar.Just the power level was 10 times different.As Drazon made this castle his home he had more nightmares.They revealed that he was a human at a time.He was only 20 years old and he was trying to help a kid.He had these dreams every night until he was attacked by random arrancar.They left Drazon for dead and this only led to his memories all adding up.He went to save a boy from being hit by a truck but instead it was no boy there.It was all something inside of Drazon's head.Drazon was hit by the truck which rolled over his neck after the front hit him.He slowly died from the lost of air and all the damage to the throat area.He was sent to the hospital bloody from head to toe and as he was dying he said he had regrets for not marrying the girl of his dreams.Kazura.As the memories faded Drazon woke up to find himself in a bed left by a strange arrancar.He told Drazon to become an espada before he dies. and take over the world with his power.As he said those words Drazon stood up and walked out the room.

Role-play Sample:

As the beautiful day had been corrupted by the weird captor of the handsome Lieutenant and the ugly ass Captain . Only thing that could make this day worse was the Lieutenant getting butt raped and that was the last thing the gorgeous Lieutenant wanted and would not allow to happen. No one wanted that to happen to them, hell no one would wish that on their worst enemy. The Lieutenant had began to ponder on where the Captain and the weirdo were going. But sadly he didn't care. The Lieutenant would soon catch up to them but for the time being he was going to look around and see what was going on around the nice town of karakura. As the Lieutenant walked around with his dual blades on his hips. His short daisho on his left and his long daisho on his right, this seemed to be the day of many problems and only 1 thing bothered the Silver Haired Killer. "What was that spiritual pressure that i was feeling awhile back? It felt like a captain and more power." As the Lieutenant pondered this thought in his head he jumped over a gigantic wall blocking his path.

As he landed he found himself falling in something wet and it was not water. It was rather green, slimy, and icky. Something the Lieutenant wasn't to fond of. As the Silver Haired Killer began to walk from the puddle kids began to laugh and the Lieutenant took 1 look at the kids and said "What the hell is so funny?" The oldest of the kids walked up to the Lieutenant and said. "Mr you just fell in nuclear waste. But don't worry its not toxic. Billy over there drunk some of it awhile back and hes perfectly fine."The Lieutenant let out a sigh of relief as he started shacking his legs back and forth. As the nuclear waste began to fly from the legs of the Silver Haired Killer he began to shunpo appearing past all the kids. As they looked on in amazement all you could hear is "WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"Now having moved on the man kept on walking in his shinigami uniform looking as handsome as ever.

About 10 minutes after his walk began the Lieutenant found himself in a park. He seen an area that looked as if an explosion had happened and all the Lieutenant could think about in his head was "I don't wanna know." As the Silver Haired Killer looked at the explosion site a rather stunning woman tapped him on his shoulder and he turned around. As the Lieutenant turned around he seen beautiful blonde hair with silver blue bright eyes and a tan skin tone. The woman smiled and said "Hello. Im Namina Tegochi and who are you?" As the Lieutenant began to blush and his cheeks began to get red he said his name on a very low tone. "Sai, my name is Sai Saici Miyagi. And how old are you beautiful?" Namina smiled and blushed and said "Im 24. And you look like your about the same age." Sai smiled and thought how funny this was. To humans he was 24 but to shinigami he was 218. Sai smiled and said "Yes. I am 24. But sorry im rather busy beautiful. I must go." Sai leaned forward and kissed the beautiful female on the cheek. As his lips met her cheeks Sai took 1 flash step and appeared about 10 feet out of the park on a different end. He looked up and saw a big blue place and the title of the place read "IHOP."

Sai felt a strong spiritual pressure inside and it was really bothering him. Sai just had to go check this out before it ate him up. As Sai took 1 step through the doors he seen a whole bunch of people eating some things and from the name of the store Sai assumed they were pancakes. Sai's face shot to the left and he noticed Captain and the weirdo. But this time it was a new man with a beautiful woman who looked very beat up. Sai quickly walked over to the sitting Captain and weirdo and the man standing with the hurt beautiful woman. Sai let out some words and they went like this. "Eyy. Im back. Now mind giving me the girl? I can fix her up." As Sai thought about this he realized how much he missed his home of the Soul Society and the fact that if he healed this girl he might get laid afterwards.

As Sai waited for an answer he looked around IHOP and saw everyone happy and eating good. This was something that made Sai rather happy and made him want to eat here to. After he healed the girl he would probably grab one of these pancakes and eat. The only problem that Sai had was the lack of saki around here. Sai was always down for drinking some saki and was highly offended at the fact that there wasn't any to go around. Sai thought in his head how much he would blow this world up for not having any saki and having so many hot women. He had an idea. He wondered if he could be assigned to watch over Karakura so he could keep an eye on its women without being in trouble. Not only would this benefit him but i would benefit the females of the town. It would give them something to do all day long when their husbands are at work.
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Up the age to at least two-hundred. Approved as Septima Espada.

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