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PostSubject: Riku Kiuski(DONE!)   Riku Kiuski(DONE!) EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 6:08 am

Vizard Template

Name: Riku Kiuski
Age: 220
Visual Age:15

Ex-Division: N/A
Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

Body Frame:Medium
Blood Type:AB+
Sound of Voice:Ichigo
Appearance: Short light white hair,Tan skin.Has sky blue colored like his father,wears a white shirt with snow white colored pants with white shoes.He also wears white finger nail polish to go with his cloths.
Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
Hobbies: running,Fighting,Reading,Dancing,Skating,
Likes and Dislikes:

Running around the city
Friends u can count on
nice people

fake people
dip-shit people

Personality:riku is nice,He only gets mad when some does something to him or someone else who is weaker then them.Is sometime non-caring because he just doesn't want to deal with it.can be stubborn because he likes to be.he nows of the other vizard and there allince ad what they are going to do to the soul reapers but won't join them he won't join anybody until the time comes and he has to choose.Riku likes to wear white and gold.The reason he likes white and gold because that is the color of his spirit energy and he just wants to match with it.

Riku doen't care if he knows you or not he will protect them no matter what.Riku is usuay loud around his friends and people he does not know but really wants to be quiet.when fighting he gets a little blood thristy so you have so be careful if he comed near ou during battle.riku usually is by himself th no friends because they ar all ded but he might make new ones once and a whie and he will really like one.He battle his inne hollw and one o he can puton his ollow mask without the hollow going to kill him.

Defining Characteristics:Nice,Caring Sometimes Loveing.
Specialties:Fighting and ceros
History/Background: rikus story is kinda like ichigo.Riku was just a ordinary kid that could see ghost.That was he was part soul reaper because of his mother.One day while he was sleeping he fell into his inner world and met his zanpakutos material form kitsunaka but didn't know it was since his mother told him nothing about her being a soul reaperand him being half one.his inner world was full of light and his zanpkuto's human form was a tal light skinned woman with white hair likes his and was wearing whie heels and a long silky dress.she told himher name and wen she is needed to call out her name.Adter that he woke up.He didn't tell his parents abou his dream and went on abut his day.On the way to school that same day a hollow was chasing a soul when it came apon riku.It chased riku and finally hi him with a hand.As he goot up he rememberd the nm the lady told him.He yelled it and a burst of white and gold outline power came from his hand and formed a sword.After the inccdent with the holloe the next day riku didn't spak to anyone not even his bestest week later soul reapers came and they were looking for him n the way to school.They sinced he had holow spirit pressure along with soul reaper spirit and it was flooding the city.The soul reaper found him and started to fight riku.Riku called foruth his sword and battled he soul reaper.Riku put up a good fight but was beng beat badly.The finale blow was about to be taken to kill riku but befor the soul reaper could do anything a half of a hollw mak appeared on rikus face and he went crazy.Riku was stronger now and ever attack thrown by riku hit and hurt the soul reaper very very badly.Soon riku stood still and was woundering what was happening and took his hand and out hand on the insid and the mask and sarted to ip it off.Something inside him said stop u fool i am rying to help you in a very very imnasing voice.Riku ripped the mask off an yelled in pain.The soul reaper had run away while he was ripping the mask off.while coming the house to tell his parents what happened he found them talking about him.They said he needed to go to the vizards lair and control his inner hollow or it would kill him.His mother said the address of were they were they were.Riku knw thesdress he walked by it eveyday on the way to school and felt something dtrange in that abandon building.After hearing that he rushed to the location to the adon building the vizards were hideing in.When he entered the building six peole in white mak like hi excep made differntly wre sitting on a rail on the top flor of the building.They told him they were waiting for him and wanted to start
training because his inner hollow was dangerous very dangerous.The eade of the vizards ca down and knocked riku clean out and carried him into the training area.There he was placed inide of a sheild anne of the vizard was placed insid with him.Riku woke up in his inner world sword in hand and another vrsion of hi a black version.H asked who it was and it kept saying kitsunaka.Then started towards riku.On the outside of his bod a black shell startd to appear lke a hollow and he begean to fight the vizard.Back on the inside thefighting was intense the hollow had no marks on him but riku did.They fough for 50 minuts and there was only ten minutes left.There was one vizard left to battle him and the rest was beatin up very badly.The inside of the in riku inner world riku had jut been stabed by his inner hollow and was about to die.Then riku remembeed all of the friends and family he had and would no and could not die.Riku took the black swird and removed it from his stomach he sword started to turn whie.The hol coud not belive what it waseeing hen n a flash riku the hollow in half.Befor it disapeared it tolf riku don't die befor it coms back.On the outside riku's body in he shell of a full hollow stoped and shed it shell .When it was done only a black mask ith white mask was left.Riku blackout an reawoke in hs bed at home.
Role-play Sample: Riku was walking across when a large grey vfigure attacked and knocked him to the grund.When riku looked up it was a large creature with a white mask and with red and its body was a dull grey color.Once riku saw that he ran as fast as he could.He ran around corners and so did they creature.Riku kept running until he was hit with the monsters claws which made claw marks on his back with bleeding badly.The monster was about to kill riku and he had nothing to do he wa soon going to be dead.Riku got up to run again but his back hurt to much.Righ then riku rememberd his dream about the lady and said heR name Kitsunaka.A Large white and gold outlined power surge came out of his hands and it formed a sword.Riku could not belive that his dream was real in some sort and then with his new sword his jumped up and cut the monster with his sword.The monster split and half and disapeared into dust then was gone just like that.After that the sword disappeared and riku blacked out soon to reawaken in a hospital.
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Riku Kiuski(DONE!)
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