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PostSubject: Drake Lecriox   Drake Lecriox EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 5:22 pm


Name:Drake LeCriox
Nickname(s):Merciful One
Age: 1901
Visual Age:25

RankVasto Lorde
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'6
Weight: 225 lbs

Body Frame: Medium
Blood Type: O
Sound of Voice: Deep and cold.
Appearance: Avvi
Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert
Hobbies: Weight Lifting
Likes and Dislikes:

Likes-Fighting and training and sunsets

Dislikes-Weak and scared people and also shinigami

Personality: Drake can be seen as the guy who acts before thinking as he allows his fists to talk for him usually being brash. Drake does not like to be used for anyone's personal gain and if so then he craves revenge against the person. Drake can also be sadistic and a smartass at times often terrorizing those around him to call him crazy and keep their distance. He has his times when he is calm and subtle as well as kind but those times are very rare and don't usually last long at at all. The guy basically cares very little about other people he doesn't know and will try to form a wall between them upon first meeting the person if he doesn't want to be connected to the person. Being suspicious of people's motives Drake usually tends not to talk much of interact with said person or people but this doesn't stop him from being battle hungry or a smartass.

Defining Characteristics: Scar on the left side of his neck
Specialties: Mechanics
History/Background: Born from an alcoholic mother and a deranged father, Drake grew up with extreme amounts of stress and hatred for both his parents. His parents punished him for "everything," blaming him when its hot outside or when a program on T.V. was canceled. He was the center of abuse being the only child in the ecstatic family. He was a smart kid, incredibly deductive, using his wits to avoid punishments for things he didn't do or had involvement with. When a program on the television was canceled or the cable wasn't paid, Drake would loop prerecorded episodes of the show and play it as if it were regular programming, keeping his abusive father at bay with reruns of old shows. In this time music was his only savior.

Around the time he should have been in his senior year in high school, he was still at home fighting to stay alive another day because his father would come home and ruthlessly beat him with his bare fist, with no reason or motive at all. At one point Drake tried to kill himself by silting his wrist but for some reason found it extremely difficult. He would have rapid spasms preventing him from doing it. The mother was a drunken mess, so she hardly tried to interfere. When his father found out about the trick with the television he pistol whipped his son with a custom .45, which the father kept in his locked drawer. This gave the young boy a half- broken jawbone and a concussion.

Finally at the breaking point, he was pushed too far. Drake tried to kill his father in his sleep but failed when he was easily overpowered and tossed across the room. The father instinctively grabbed his gun and took the safety off placing the firearm at his son's temple, yelling at him repeatedly as his mother just smiled in a drunk daze on the living room couch. LeCriox's life flashed before his eyes and as it did a mixture a feelings of years of torment shattered from his mind as he shoved the gun downward toward the floor to block the chamber. His father fired and was hit by the ricochet of the barrel being blocked. Wounded and in severe pain the father stumbled around in agony holding his eyes as they bleed.

Drake, strangely couldn't help but smile, trying to force out a laugh. One part of him wanted to run but the other wanted to watch his father wallow in pain. Tears flowed from his bruised eyes yet a devious smile was plastered on his face. Eerily he found the strength to rise up from the floor and causally walked over to his father. He continued to chuckle at the site, while still crying, and watched as the abusive man screamed before taking the T.V in which he loved so much he violently slammed it over his head. It cracked from the blow and shards of glass scattered everywhere, one even grazing Drake's right eye. But he shrugged it off and began using pieces of glass to mutilate the body.

Minutes later, he proceeded to drown his mother in an alcohol filled bathtub and finally dragging the two bloody bodies in a pile, with a can of gasoline. He calmly placed his headphones in his ears and simply listened to music, while watching the bodies rot and burn. His single scarred eye stared at the flames, mesmerized by it's destructive power. In a trance-like state he found himself moving into the fire until he himself was engulfed in the fire while blasting his favorite song, committing his final sin.


It wasn't until he saw his lifeless burnt corpse riddled with charred remains of his parents, that Drake understood what he had done. From his chest dangled a short steel-like chain. Unable to truly understand what had just transpired, he walked around town, something he hadn't done in months, only to find other spirits and discover what had become of him. Yet all the spirits he found knew only as much as he did. So he just traveled blindly for almost a week, trying to communicate with those who were still alive but with no prevail.

One night while wandering the streets, he caught sight of a strange creature running toward him, with its tall bulky figure rampaging down the empty road. The young man hesitated but soon he was off running in the opposite direction of his would-be attacker. It kept a steady speed and only seemed to close in on him more and more. Finally, it wrapped a long, extensive tendril around the confused male and pulled him toward itself. With all his might he tried to escape, continuing to struggle and grunt, it wasn't until the very last second when the young man broke free. The hollow grunted in shock as if this feat was impossible but LeCriox paid no mind as he recovered from the ground and ran once more. Losing track of where he was headed, the terrified spirit was cornered in an alley way, with only a fire escape as a possible exit. He attempted to use the metal assortment called a ladder, but was met with a powerful side swipe to his shoulder that sent him flying downward into a group of plastic trash bins.

Slowly rising to his feet in pulsating pain he looking up as he held his left arm with his right and was met with two strange creatures, both in great size and difference. The young man could only sigh and even cracked a smirk, "I've felt a hell of a lot worse than this. Well? What are you two pencil d*** c*** lovers waiting for, an invite?" The two creatures howled loudly in amusement and charged wildly toward Drake. In an instant he was dragged from the space he occupied and brought to a never-ending white desert, with dunes like those of the Sahara. The desert landscape was littered with what appeared to be boulders and shriveled trees. He only had a moment to look around before he was brutally pounced upon by several more of those bizarre creatures. His screams were nothing more than a whisper in the wind over the savage noises of the creatures.

Menos Stage:

If you ever swam in a crowded pool, then you would understand how it felt to be apart of an conglomeration of hundreds of regular hollows, resulting in a single composite entity of far greater strength than any single hollow. Fighting for conscious was like twenty people fighting for a nickel in the dark, no one was sure where they were going, who they were touching, they just wanted that damn nickel for some odd reason. In this case the nickel was for dominance. It must have been decades before Drake rose to the top and gained consciousness. Once he reached that stage, he couldn't help but feed on his fellow hollows, as if it were instinct to do so, to evolve. Within two short years, he had grown powerful and his form changed to accommodate this power.

Adjuchas-class Phase:

At this point he felt vaguely comfortable with his change, that is until he saw his reflection. Horrified at the monstrosity he had become, he began mutilating other hollows, almost to ruin their monstrous looks further as to look better by comparison. He was losing what mind he had and it tore him apart inside. Drake did find peace when he stumbled into the real world and heard pleasant sounds that soothed his savage beast. Calm to the point he could think clearly, the Adjuchas found the will to attempt to remove his mask, he was stopped before he could when he was approached by a man in white robes with a pleasant smile. He propositioned Drake for an even higher state of being, where the answers he seeks would be answered. Believing there was nothing that could make him worse off and hoped by joining this man he would end his afterlife, but it only began a new one.

Role-play Sample:
It was nighttime and the shadows seemed to come alive as the pale moonlight shined down upon Karakura Town. The sky seem to open up revealing a dark void of shadows. The shadows hissed and laughed, but he didn't move his lips. The dark coating cast by the absence of light, pulled away from his body in casing him in a black suit. The air swirled upward, bringing the rotten smell of dead corpses with it. His raven hair was slicked downward giving him a somewhat emo-fringe. Stuck in each ear was a pair of white headphone buds. The music, to anyone else was nonexistent but to him they were extremely loud. His face was normal for the upper half but the neck half consisted of a thick white solid collar mask, resembling bone headphones. His left eye was only visible, oh and how they brought fear to any being who came in contact with them. They were a eerie violet-pink color with no pupil.

His upper body was built athletically and wore a black-purple long sleeved button-up shirt with crimson cufflings and black buttons, rolled up to his elbows, and half tucked in his pants. Black baggy cargo pants that, to some extend, hung low on his body creating a urban metal appearance completed his wardrobe. Shortly thereafter, his clothes began to gently flow with the faint wind that was now circulating very slowly, making his hair move with it. He brushed back his black hair revealing his face completely. The clouds passed and his face lit up in the moonlight, casting an eerie expression followed by a nonchalant smile. A soft sound fell on death's ears as his mouth inched open to speak. Along with this process, his vocal box vibrated as a quiet but deep sound escaped through his lips. "This seems like a perfect night for massacre music. Shame on us, doomed from the start. May God have mercy on our dirty little hearts."

The clouds slowly past in front of the luminescent moon and his eyes glowed even more, the wind howling loudly in his ears opening the bottom of his shirt to reveal a medium hole in his side roughly comparable to a small cantaloupe. Searching the streets below, the Arrancar found a young female walking alone followed by a chain which seemed to be connected to her. He smirked slightly and threw himself toward her descending rapidly through the air. Opening his mouth widely hanging his tongue out, it flapped wildly in the passing wind that followed his descent. He preformed a front flip and landed on his feet gently not making a sound, bending his legs as he made impact to soften the fall. Sliding his hands inside his pockets was the only sound he made and from the brushing noise the female was aware of his presence. This action startled her and she turned abruptly toward him. His posture was straight and a shadow laid in place on his face. The expression was of no feeling or meaning to it. From the shroud of the shadows he inspected her.

"Um can you help me? I seem to have lost my way I'm suppose to be waiting for my mom..." The young female said hesitantly constantly looking around. Drake hummed softly and replied in the girl's voice, "How much of human life is lost in waiting?"
"Huh? What did you say?" She said timidly, while shivering in the night's breeze, holding her body tightly. The air swirled around her as he stepped a little closer, the shadows hugged his face. She didn't quite catch the fact that this man was mimicking her voice. LeCriox spoke once more in his cloned tone, "In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, and nothing which goes is lost..."

The young female was about to reply when Drake lifted his head slowly showing his unusual mask features. She began to scrunch up her face to scream but before she could he had already made his move and sunk his sharp teeth into her shoulder, moving in close at an unpredictable and silent speed in which she did not react to in time, the Arrancar cut her off mid scream. He feasted on her quietly ravaging every scrap left. The scenes fades to black and Drake opens his eyes, he laid in his quarters quietly, music was softly playing in his headphones. The hollow was only dreaming, he smirked and turned over to change the song on his audio device, before dosing back off to sleep.

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Approved unless otherwise Stated by another Staff member. Hunter will approve your Eliteship or not.
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