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PostSubject: Stearc's App [finished]   Stearc's App [finished] EmptySun Nov 28, 2010 10:44 am


Nickname(s): 'The Purifier'
Age: 20
Visual Age:25

Rank:Legendary Quincy
Sexual Orientation:Straight

Body Frame: large
Blood Type:AB
Sound of Voice:Soft yet Stern
Appearance:A well built bulk of a man, his increased weight is a mixture of about 80%muscle and 20% fat. He has deep set dominating light brown eyes, he usually wears his shoulder length black hair pulled up in a ponytail. He has a muscular physique due to years of training. he has a slight tan as he grew up working usually exposed to most of the non forgiving elements, including the sun. He has scars rolling warily across his body, from the countless fights he's been in, only time will tell how many he will collect. His lips are almost always turned up into a haughty sneer. He has high Nordic cheek structure, and shallow cheeks. In times of battle, his eyes grow much more sullen, and the sneer that usually occupies his haughty face turns into a grimace, and his high Nordic brows turn down into a form of anger. He wears designer pants and shoes, usually avoiding a shirt. When necessary he breaks down and will wear one. He has a chain with a 5.56 mm round dangling from his neck.
Hobbies: Listening to loud music, and really any form of calming practices.
Likes and Dislikes:


Dislikes-Hectic annoying and hot

Personality:Stearc is a man of Solemn emotions, wanting to steer clear from other people, some would say he's a Xenophobe, or Extroverted in nature, preferring to grunt to a question as an answer to saying an actual answer. Once past his hard coarse exterior, he's a likable guy.He has no aspiration to goals, and is actually a procrastinator. He hates Outgoing happy people who talk to much, and doesn't mind a quiet person to assist him in his work. His mental stability is up for interpretation falling into a blood lusting state, and as well as having a collected mind. His leadership is outstanding. He has a philosophical standpoint that sometimes perplexes him in the thought of an afterlife. He sometimes thinks of himself doing something much bigger than himself, but only time will tell, if he can live out that one single fantasy of his, being a "god" how nice it seems. His sense of humor is very dry, stupid jokes, and slapstick humor usually make him laugh. even when he's happy, he tries to keep a straight face. He tries not to be read like that. He hates it when people ask him questions. Annoying people always push his buttons, doing things just for the heck of it.

Defining Characteristics: His Nordic Qualities shine through as the most defining as well as his shallow eyes, bringing a rather intimidating demeanor.

Specialties: Calm, and Calculating. Natural born leadership. Charisma.


Stearc's upbringing began in a very eerie light, instead of a normal regular birth, Stearc's mother was having complications. and either the child or the mother were going to die. So in her infinite kindness, his mother gave her only life for him. After he was born, he was rushed to the local temple by his grandfather, to bless him in the Temple's holy water. After the strange happenings surrounding his birth, Stearc was brought to Temple every Sabbath. He was amazingly religious through his childhood. When his mother died, his father became distant, and he was cared for by his Grandfather. His grandfather was his only primary caregiver, and he was pretty damn good at it, having looked after Stearc's father for so many years. He loved his Grandfather and his mother both, but he always felt he was special, not just regular special, but Amazingly special. He told his grandfather this and he laughed and said "wait till your older." And with that, Stearc lived out his childhood, waiting for the day, he would be Old enough

It was during a hot summer day, that Stearc's Grandfather, walked into his room, proclaiming his rites as a Quincy. Stearc stared at his grandfather for a few minutes, until he asked the fateful question "Sir, what is a quincy?" His grandfather went on a large rant, about how we, the Quincy's, were the last of the purifying forces. Our job was to Exterminate the Hollows of the world. At the mention of hollow, Stearc felt something well up in the pit of his stomach apparently his grandfather had baited the house with some sort of pheromone that attracted the hollows. his grandfather led them outside, and for the first time, in his life, he saw a huge disgusting creature, it had to be at least 18 feet, something so unimaginable, he had a problem believing that it was actually in front of the two men, until a blinding white light speared through the Creature, it rolled on the ground, creating such a ruckus, until another blinding white spear pierced what Stearc could only imagine was it's head. He was shaking, at that point, and looked over to see his grandfather's right hand, enveloped in white light. "D...Did you do that?" Stearc asked, his grandfather only nodded "And soon boy, I'll teach you how to do that." It was after those words, that began his Hellish training at the hand of his loved caregiver, every day for seven years, he would be trained to eradicate the hollow scum.

Stearc woke up On his eighteenth birthday, expecting another day of Training, but as he walked down, into the sanctuary, a religious hideaway in the house, he saw his grandfather in his ceremonial Quincy Garb, as he was sitting facing the doorway Stearc had just entered, peering at him with those keen yet unrelenting eyes, he looked down to a box sitting in front of him, picked it up, and raised it above his head, to signify for Stearc to take this relic. Stearc walked over, and with trembling hands, lifted the burden from his Grandfather, he opened the box, and saw the tool of his trade, A glove, that would of course fit his hand. His grandfather looked up and smiled and said "Go my son, for I have raised you like my own, Go and purify this corrupt world."Stearc bowed, and slid on the glove and left without another word. It was what was expected from him
Role-play Sample:
Stearc was siting out on a cold night, breathing into his hands to try to warm them, it was around 30 degrees from what he could tell, it was almost to cold, but he knew something big was coming to this area, he could feel it in his bones, plus the Reiatsu was constantly growing, granted it wasn't an Arrancar by any means, it could still kill people, and Stearc wouldn't stand for it. His eyes were flicking around warily he could now hear the slow rhythmic stomping of the thing's footsteps. He knew it was at least thirty feet, from the time between the steps, and the sheer pressure given off by the Creature. It was then that he saw it It was apparently a menos being led by an Adjuchas. It was a strange sight indeed, he'd never seen an adjuchas be fore, but his grandfather had warned hi of these creatures in one of his many training processions. Smaller but smarter his Grandfather had told him, don't underestimate them. Stearc would not, he was always wary of his grandfather's warning. The Adjuchas Approached Stearc, apparently trying to prey upon him, but Stearc was quicker than the little beast, he manifested his bow and fired six shots, four of those actually hit him, the grouping was what he was proud of, all of them hitting an artery just above the heart, The Adjuchas still had time, but not a lot, The Adjuchas ordered the menos to attack the little guy with a bow, the menos being about 5 fold of Stearc. Stearc lept out of the way just as a foot hit where he was standing not seconds ago. Stearc, was freaking out, He'd never had to kill two hollows at once, and was feeling it, he used his Hirenkyaku repeatedly, floating around, and firing what totaled up to twenty arrows, it seemed like a hail of them, falling all over the two hollows, the menos fell, but the Adjuchas was still standing, "What is this thing?" Stearc asked himself more than anyone else. He called over to the Adjuchas "You still alive you bastard?" The thing cackled and yelled over, "Better than ever. I have a real opponent now." Stearc sighed thinking the thing was dead, "Alright, I'm breaking out my release I'll finish this in no time." The thing only laughed and dissipated, and apparently appeared behind him, Stearc spun around and performed Hirenkyaku once m ore, and unsealed his glove, creating a white pistol, modeled after a Colt .45, and a black pistol, modeled after .44 Magnum. Both with their colored Sandalwood grips, they were both visually worn, but they still had amazing power. Stearc appeared behind the Adjuchas and fired once with his .44 and then the Compressed Reiatsu Bullet split into 15 different bullets, and tore the thing apart. The Adjuchas stumbled forward and collapsed on the ground. Stearc walked over, and kicked it a few times, making sure it was dead. The creature spasmed, and Stearc fired a round from his Colt .45 and the thing's head exploded.
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PostSubject: Re: Stearc's App [finished]   Stearc's App [finished] EmptyTue Nov 30, 2010 12:28 am

Approved as Legendary Quincy.

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