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PostSubject: Jushiro Izanagi   Jushiro Izanagi EmptyWed Dec 15, 2010 11:27 am


Name: Jushiro Izanagi
Nickname(s): Kaizen, Pluto.
Age: 1896
Visual Age: 31

Gender: Male
Division: 1st Ichibantai
Rank: Sotaicho
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Height: 6'4
Weight: 190lbs

Body Frame: Muscular (Medium)
Blood Type: AB

Sound of Voice: Izanagi's voice due to the mask that he wears sounds deep and commanding. Izanagi's voice sounds rather menacing at times during his speech. Without his mask on, or when he decides to remove for certain reasons. Izanagi's voice sounds rather menacing at times during his speech. His voice has a tendency of sounding rather belittling, lacking sincerity at times. His voice isn't deep, nor does it carry an high pitch. Except for when he feels like playing the role of a troll.


Head: Jushiro Izanagi has his own unique style as does most when it comes to appearance and attire. The Shinigami long ago chose to include a mask that would be worn on his face no doubt. The mask is a jet black one; it has an almost glossy black tint to it, making it even more unique. The mask fits closely to Jushiro’s face as if it were his own skin, an extra layer on top of the actual handsome face which is hidden behind the mask. The mask has eye holes with slight curves which make it appear rather menacing. Jushiro’s crimson orbs or eyes seem to be overshowed by darkness. This gives the impression that the man has no eyes, and it is only darkness which resides there. The mask doesn’t prevent Jushiro from hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing etc. It was designed by the 12th Division for this specific purpose, to function as if it wasn’t there. The only thing special about the mask is that it allows Jushiro to see Reishi particles and the way that they change. This can of course give him an advantage in terms of spotting changes in an area. The mask is also equipped with a special substance that performs a unique function. The aforementioned function is to form different expression on the exterior of the mask. A white substance is used, which decorates the mask with black and white patterns. The mask then allows onlookers to see or judge Jushiro’s feelings. What does this mean? Jushiro can smile behind the mask and the white substance will manifest that smile. A frown, a look of confusion, emotions of affections will be like pictures drawn on the mask. The mask seems to replace Jushiro’s face even covering his ears. Behind the mask is a handsome face, which causes others to be curious as to why he chose to wear a mask. It is also said that only Jushiro is aware of the way in which to remove this mask from his person. As stated the man has a handsome face that could be easily as menacing or welcoming as the mask that he wears. Jushiro is of a tanned skin color, Latino like in terms of tone. He has long snow white spiky hair, which further generates interest in the mask that is worn. His hair extends long enough to reach his upperback where it comes to a stop.

Upper Body: Jushiro’s appearance also seems to be based on his past experiences and where he has been during his time as a Shinigami. The mask for instance was inspired by the time spent in the ranks of the 12th Division. Izanagi's upper body garments begin with a red scarf wrapped around his neck, stretching down towards his abdomens. The bottom layer of Izanagi's clothing sees him wrapped in black bandages, unlike the typical white ones. The bandages are wrapped around his entire upper body, except for his head of course. The bandages stretch all the way to his upper arm, where they stop. On top of these bandage, Izanagi wears a sleeveless Kimono. The Kimono is made to form a V cut starting just at his waistline and expands moving up towards his chest area. Jushiro sports a pair of black fingerless gloves on his hands. The gloves stretches pass his wrists and ends 5inches below his elbows. The pair of gloves also seems to have buckles, three sets on each glove. That wraps around them, the buckles and the material that connects them to each other are red, much like the scarf being worn. The Kimono of course stretches down beyond his waist line. However wrapped around his waist line is his Obi sash, a white one with red flower patterns as designs. The Obi sash also keeps his Zanapakuto held into place, although at times it may be worn across his back. The Shinigami also wears a sleeveless Haori over his Kimono.

Lower Body: The bottom half of Izanagi's attire is his black Kimono threads. As mentioned before, the man sometimes bases his appearance of past experiences and divisions. In this case, Jushiro’s Kimono is tucked away nicely into a pair of Shinobi Tabi boots unlike your typical Kimono and sandals combination. The bottom half of the Haori is also tattered, a certain style that the Shinigami enjoys. Jushiro sports a pair of black Ninja Tabi boots that are laced up at the sides. The Tabi boots stops a 5 inches below the knees of the Shinigami. Based on appearance, Jushiro stands at 6 foot 4 inches tall exactly.

Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert

Teasing Others
Giving nicknames to others that could upset said individual
Grinning even in serious situations

Likes and Dislikes:


Girls- There is no sweeter journey that the one taken with a woman

Food- Because it is also very essential to his survival

Sake/liquor- Kaizen loves the taste of liquor and will generally have a bottle on him

Reading- Because he deems knowledge as power

Training- Kaizen likes to keep his skills sharp


Idiots- There is nothing like an idiot to ruin the mood and one's day

Loud mouth- Being in the company of a loud mouth individual draws too much attention

Hunger- The idea of being starved of a good meal is unacceptable

Rainy days- Izanagi doesn't actually outwardly hates a rainy day. But there are times when the rain can make a situation worst.

Lack of excitement- The thought of boredom is enough to make him go even crazier.


To put it bluntly Izanagi can be considered a two face which often causes others to be wary of him. His whole personality which is often accompanied by other actions, tend to bring an air of uneasiness around others. He can often be seen with a smile or a smirk form on his face, which at times may turn into a fox grin so to speak. Even with all these quirks Izanagi is still one of the most intelligent Shinigami within the Gotei 13 squads. He can be quite manipulative at times, the type of person that doesn't seem to take anything too seriously. With Izanagi in the picture even a grim situation can turn out to be something to joke. Or to even make a witty remark about as long as he is breathing. At times others may find it difficult to know what he's even thinking. Since he may say one thing and then do something else.

There is also uncertainty when it comes to his sincerity; his calculative and perceptive persona makes him a force to be reckoned with. Being a two face as they say Izanagi may at times finds he can be rather moody. And at other times demonstrating traits of someone with a warm heart. Izanagi can sometimes be a sort of recluse, opting to do things in private rather than out in the open. If one were to ignore the fickle s and despicable side of the Shinigami. They would come to find that he is quite intelligent and head strong. His intelligence revolves around his leadership and his ability to make what he deems to be the correct decision. He is the type that demands respect and obedience from his subordinates. Jushiro is the type of person that knows when to be serious and when to indulge in light comedic situations.

Defining Characteristics:

Specialties: Izanagi has the ability to learn new things rather quickly. If he ever puts his mind to figuring how something works or is created. The he will devote sometime to learning and accomplishing new things. This means there is nothing that he couldn't possibly figure out given enough time.


Unlike the stories of other Shinigami or some of the inhabitants of Soul Society, Izanagi doesn't remember living a life as a human. And so telling a tale of his life as a human would be impossible, the man is a pure blood Shinigami so to speak. Untainted by the soul burial technique administered by other Shinigami’s for the departed souls. Growing up in Rukongai Izanagi had always wanted to join the Gotei 13. His ambitions began with the demonstration of power that the previous Shinigami of the Gotei 13 showed him. Ever so often a squad of Shinigami would come to save the day and exterminate hollows and other low lives. Izanagi desired the power to do so himself and so he began doing every, and everything that he could to be a Shinigami. His journey like most didn’t start with his introduction into the Shinigami Academy. Instead it began with his time spent in Rukongai learning a few things from a man known to him as the hermit. The man was a swordsman that possessed strange abilities, someone Izanagi suspected to be a former Shinigami. The problem is that Izanagi didn't have any real proof connecting the man to the Shinigami other than a sword. Izanagi started off by training his body first and foremost, he needed discipline also if he was to succeed on his mission. The would be Shinigami desired the blade but sadly began his life as a swordsman with a Bokken. Learning the different ways in which to wield the sword or Bokken so to speak. An important lesson was to taught and would be learned in due time. Rukongai was a harsh place to live in, a place where the lives of others doesn't seem to mean anything. Souls from the realm of the humans were promised a better or peaceful life. But once they had arrived in Soul Society everything just seems as if it had gotten worst. Watching the soul after soul fade away before him, the more determine the young man had become. Over time he began learning more and more about Reiatsu and the other abilities that came along with it. Kidou was also an aspect of his training that he rather enjoyed and took a liking to. Over the years of spending time and learning from the Hermit, Izanagi was finally given the opportunity to wield his very own Zanapakuto. Or rather Zanapakuto’s since the swords given onto him was of a dual type. Izanagu had a unique style which suited the dual blade style best. He still had a long way to go but he was slowly beginning to discover his inner self. Izanagu had spent over ten years as a student of the hermit and had learned as much as he could. But it was time for him to move on or rather take the next step towards becoming a Shinigami. Making his way to the Shinigami Academy, Izanagi found some things to be different according to what he was taught by the hermit. The man decided not to teach him every little thing but rather gave him a few pointers. This way Izanagi would struggle and overcome, perhaps this way his accomplishments would mean more to him. That however didn't stop him from showing off his prowess which placed him above the rest. The man was dubbed a prodigy being able to grasp things a lot easier than others. Izanagi indeed had talent but he also had an head start which wasn't fair for some. But never once did he ever purport himself as being better than the other students around him. As a result of his skills set the young warrior was placed in the advance classes of the Academy . The would be Shinigami tried his best to master all forms of combat at his current level at the time. But recognized that this was just the beginning of his journey towards greatness. Shortly after joining the Academy Izanagi was drafted into the Nibantai. Once there he started to pick up a few habits that remained with him until now. The Shinigami was also an assassin, a very efficient killer if need be. Training in the art of Shyunpo, Hakuda and Kidou mainly. Izanagi soon came to realize that his beloved skills in swordsmanship were beginning to wane. The Shinigami still managed to progress through the ranks, even becoming a Captain of his own special squad of Assassins. Izanagu seemed happy with his progress but not satisfied in the least and so it was time for him to move on. War broke out and the world was thrown into chaos. Working together with his Zanapakuto and close companion in battle, Izanagi was able to overcome most of his opponents. But there was a few that reminded him why he couldn't or shouldn't be satisfied with his power. His potential was still untapped at this point; perhaps it was a reflection on the division that he had chosen. Maybe being an Assassin wasn't the correct job for him as a Shinigami at all. Izanagi was a great tactician and a formidable young warrior but still something was missing. With the war raging a spot soon became available for him. One that would allow him to progress and to even learn more about the sword. A Fuku Taicho had fallen, more specifically the Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. Hearing about his battle prowess from the rumors that went around about Izanagi. The Shinigami was soon approached by the Taicho of the 3rd Division with an offer. The man wanted the Shinigami to take up the spot as Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. At first Izanagi was a little reluctant and ever so defiant but after careful consideration Jushiro had joined the Sanbantai. Once there the Shinigami started working more exclusively on his Swordsmanship. The Captain of the Sanbantai was a strange one since he was the previous Fuku Taicho of the 11th. Such a person could always teach Izanagi a thing or two about the sword and that’s what he did indeed. Izanagi was now a lot happier and more satisfied with himself and his progress and so he began looking forward to the next step. The man had his sights set on becoming a Captain or to at the very least obtain Bankai. Turning over a new leaf another chapter of his life had begun.

Role-play Sample:

Kaizen was sitting down, Kaizen got up.
Kaizen saw a stupid looking person staring at him.
Kaizen walked over to the person.
Kaizen stared and stared and stared and stared.
Kaizen didn't blink, Kaizen kept staring and staring.
Kaizen's eyes got dry from not blinking.
Kaizen's eyes began to leak made up tears.
Kaizen kept staring at the person.
Kaizen started to get angry, Kaizen blew steam from his ears.
Kaizen then noticed a kitty walking by.
Kaizen stared at the kitty, before walking away to pet it.
Kaizen pat the kitty on the head and scratched behind its ears.
Kaizen then place the kitty on the ground, the kitty then left.
Kaizen walked back over towards the person and stared.
Kaizen resumed staring and staring and staring.
Kaizen started staring when the sun was out and now night had fallen.
Kaizen then got board and jumped and kick the person in the face.
Kaizen watched as a mirror was broken.
Kaizen then realized he was staring at himself in the mirror.
Kaizen face palmed and then walked away.
Kaizen then pulled out a gun, hoping that this was a dream.
Kaizen wanted to wake up and so pulled the trigger.
Kaizen blew his brains out, while the cat from before came back.
The cat then shouted, you FUCKING NOOB!

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Stamped. Epic RP sample. Top notch.

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