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Vizard Template

Name: Havoc Mugen
Nickname(s): Macktastic, Flonominal, Thugnificent, Gangstalicious
Age: 290
Visual Age: 25

Ex-Division: 2 Division 3rd Seat
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Height: 5'11

Body Frame: Average, Slightly Slim
Blood Type: O-
Sound of Voice: Mugen's xD
Introvert/Extrovert:Extrovert, slightly Introvert
Hobbies:Whistling, throwing things, playing acoustic guitar
Likes and Dislikes:

Art (all types)
Purple things

Hero/Villian sterotypes
Soul Society
Hueco Mundo
Yellow Eyes

Havoc's personality changes quite often, from being loud and obnoctious to being calm and collected. His personality varies on each different person he meets and the situation and circumstances that accompany that meeting. With people who lust for something, whether it is money, revenge, power, or just a good fight, he enjoys to joke with them prefering to avoid direct contact unless absolutely necessary. In terms of people who get too into their emotion, he generally hates them and avoids attempting to console them as he would prefer to beat the bloody shit out of them. However, when in general company hes a calm jokster, being the life of that party and having a good time.

Though he's generally cold-hearted, he has his soft moments for weaklings and will help those in desperate need. He's not the type to want revenger or fighting for motives, but when threatened, or beaten, he seeks redemption by training and becoming stronger to fight a foe. In his years he has learned the wisdom of not being a hot head, due to the nature drawn to hot heads he abandoned that part of him long ago, but he is not above blowing the roof off of a few places in a fury. Though he has most control over his temper, he is fairly impatient prefering to not let life pass him by, hes a go getter and always wanting to do things when his mood is right, and his schedule is open.

Defining Characteristics:
Seems to rub his head routinely.
Sarcastic smiles
Whistling of a single song (the one from tales from the crypt xP)
Specialties: Epic Break Dancer

While Living
While alive, Mugen was a hustler and a thug, he would do anything for money, almost anything that is. As a young up start, his uncle was the leader of their "organization" and being family meant that he had to show a certain behavior, being smart and talented were the most important. He was supposed to lead by example, being a role model for the other members who were not as high rank as he was. One night while on a walk, which was actually more of a patrol so enemies wouldn't have the upper hand on them, he saw an empty warehouse building with lights. Instinctively he went to check it out, armed with a revolver, he crept silently to the back door and peered through some broken window. Inside of the building was a dance club, where small time groups and gangs would compete either for fun or money, the artisic and somewhat poetic movements and styles of the dancers caught his fascination. It was then that he dedicated himself to learning the styles, day in and day out he would practise in his room what he saw, he even took it upon himself to track down one of the small time groups to get them to teach him. For years he juggled being a mobster and being a dancer, he excelled at both, and learning to dance while being a mobster was actually pretty good as it increased his skills greatly. However, this change didn't go unnoticed, in his early twenties he and the group he had joined, had grown into a small time gang, although he didn't notice that it was steadily becoming a gang. When he was gone, they were out claiming territory and muscling in on his uncle's territory, his uncle found out and put a reward for their.....dissappearance. When Mugen heard, he tried to warn them, but they only took it as a threat and kicked him out barely managing not to work up the anger and frustration to beat him into a pulp. As he left, he met the sight of his twin cousins being at the door and as he opened it, they rittled the entire house with bullets and spared none, including Mugen. When asked what happened, they called him traitor and let it be that.

As a soul he wandered the globe, unable to rest, not because of the betrayal for he knew that one day they would meet his fate and then was the time for revenge, however he roamed for the sake of learning new tricks and moves. But as luck would have it, one day he picked the wrong town, after a few decades he finally gets bad luck. Mugen was in a town in northern japan observing the local martial arts which had taken the basics of break dancing and turned it into a martial art. He was amused and learned the moves within a week, but one night as the lights of the dojo went out, as usual he would lay ontop of the dojo until sunrise but strange noises kept him from a having peace, the sound continued to grow closer and closer, and the ting making the sound soon found him. It was his first encounter with a hollow, it was immense and its spiritual pressure was crushing, yet he withstood it, standing there looking into its hollow holes of eyes with nothing but a blank expression on his face as though he were observing it, yet his body showed what his face did not as he was trembling and sweating. As the hollow neared a slight sparkle caught his sight out the corner of his eye, it was is first encounter with a soul reaper also. The Soul reaper's sword style was something he had never seen before and he was quite amused and looked on with such awe that it was inspirational to him. The soul reaper was able defeat the hollow, and if not for his quick outburst to get the attention of his savior all of his questions would probably never find answers. Their conversation was long and lasting, the soul reaper was a woman like no other and seemed interest in Mugen's stories of how he toured the world, and in turn she told him about the soul society and its surrounding areas, and about her and what she does. He seemed truly interested and wanted to learn, however she wasn't able to teach and told him she had to go, but before that, she put his soul to rest and sent him to west rukon.

Soul Society
For a few more decades, Mugen spent his time in the Rukon Districts, moving in and out and become more and more like his uncle wanted him to be, but everthing was just an illusion for him, as he wanted to learn more and more about soul reapers and everything of this new world. As the boss of a middle rate mafia, he was doing well for himself, he even learned from a few travelling swordsmen the ways of the sword and he also had the chance to purchase one also. From the moment he bought the sword he spent countless hours training, not only his sword skills but also his dancing still. Having been in a place like this he met and learned from all different kinds of people, and in which he created his own sword style. As a boss he was a kind and forgiving person yet he was still able to retain a cold heart when it came to business matters and he executed those who didn't agree him or those who opposed him. As a knowledgeable man, he was careful not to let his dirty work happen during the day, operating at night kept him and his organization unnoticed to most, but his growing spiritual pressure was nothing that he knew how to hide. His training and dedication had opened up his spiritual pressure and now it was leaking out, and it didn't go unnoticed any more. Many people learned to be careful when around Mugen, as his spiritual pressure was usually more than the rest of the organization's members he had to be careful when around them usually bouncing close to them then quickly withdrawing. As another year went by, Mugen's spiritual pressure was noticed by the Soul Societies soul reapers, and they were dispatched to take him in for his many crimes. The small fry of a squad was sent to him, the 5th seat being the one to lead them in a raid against Mugen and his people, however their poor choice in operation times brought them to raid them at night, which is when they are most active. When the soul reapers entered the compound they met with heavy resistance, Mugen was a really friendly person, so he taught alot of what he knew to his subordinates who passed it along. His miniature military fought with the soul reapers, but they were no real match for those with a strong spiritual pressure. This was when Mugen stepped into the combat fray, he took on soul reaper after soul reaper, incapacitating them rather than killing them. He made his way to the 5th seat, who was so arrogant that he stayed outside and watched the door for anyone who came out who wasn't one of his men. Mugen smirked when he saw the smug bastard, the 5th seat soul reaper was on an entirely different level than mugen in terms of skill and experience, but Mugen held his own, managing a few wounds on the 5th seat. But when he was just about to celebrate his near victory, an explosion caught his attention at the compound, it seemed that his men didn't know what the soul reapers knew.......kido. The kido devastated his men and nearly wiped them all out except for a few who managed to get away, Mugen looked shock, but his shock turned into a realization that he just turned away from a living enemy. When he looked back, he barely avoided a mortal would, but sustained heavy damage, his skills were then known around the Rukon as a single man who took on multiple soul reapers and won. Normally in his situation, he would've been executed, however his desire for revenge against the 5th seat led him to a challenge......if he won, he'd win his life, if he lost....he'd lose his life. The battle was nothing like it was before, the 5th seat was rested and prepared, yet he didn't know all of Mugen's moves. In the end, Mugen defeated the Squad 2 5th seat and in return gained his life, but overall gained a spot in the soul a soul reaper.

Soul Reaper
Though he didn't recognize it at the time, his spiritual pressure increased since the night of the incident at the compound, and through the academy he learned to control his spiritual pressure and eventually learned even more styles of swordsmanship, he excelled through with his own style and methods of learning. In no time he graduated, though it took him about 30 years in the school to gain every single bit of knowledge and history that he could. After that he had spent a total of 130 years as a spirit, now he was a soul reaper, his sword that he had bought from those merchants those many years ago, bonded to him and became his zanpaktou. Through his duties he gained more experience in dealing with hollows, he became even better when exterminating them rather than tricking them into being saved by some false hope of humanity. Through another 60 years, he even learned the name of his zanpaktou and its shikai form, he became stronger and stronger eventually he became the 3rd seat of Squad 2, refusing the Lt. spot only because the reason he was able to become a soul reaper was because of the current Lt. and it was nothing that he wanted to change. During their time together they became close, he even learned her name, Leonie Razencoup, he enjoyed his time with her and the two were even sent on missions together at one point. However, the Soul Society had other plans for Mugen, they monitored his skills closely, observing his progress, his rise in spiritual pressure from the time he got his life back to the current time was exponential and rare. It was calculated that in a few more centuries he would've became capable of even taking on two captains alone and having a 75% chance of winning and a 25% chance of not even obtaining a significant wound. The science department made an arrangement with some of the other departments, and it was decided, they would experiment on Mugen during a mission with a few modified hollows. His mission was to transport very important documents from one noble house to another, the mission was so far a success, having delivered the materials and on his way back to the sereitei. However, he fell into the ambush, being attacked by dozens of hollows the dozens turned into a hundred, it was more than he could handle. He did whatever he could to fend them off, but they were steadily growing in numbers, it was then that he knew that his fate was seal, but he was going to die with dignity. Just as all hope seemed lost, Leonie came to his rescue, together their teamwork seemed flawless, they defeated the hollows.....or so they thought. The hollows were all fragments of an even more powerful hollow, the fragments of the hollow seeped into Mugen's zanpaktou, slowly corroding away at his soul, until he was taken over. Before he knew it, he had slaughtered the woman he had wanted to wed. The memories of the hollow had taken him over, and he viewed the experiements that were performed on it, and he knew that orders that were programmed into it. He had been a test subject, tears streamed down his eyes as a mask shaped over his face, he knew it to be true and he accepted the fact that he was now going to become a hollow, yet the image of her face with a slant smile before she died replayed in his mind and true enough he had to keep on fighting for his humanity and take revenge upon the soul society for what they did. Though it wasn't easy he escaped and hid with all of his might, hiding away in the land of hollows, gaining control over the hollow within him just enough to keep his sanity and personality intact.

Role-play Sample:

(That should enlighten you on who i art.....but shhhh, keep it a secret ;D )
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